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Five Ways Yoga And CBD Go Hand In Hand

Updated on September 22, 2023

You don’t’ have to be a yogi to perfect yoga in your daily life. All it takes is minutes of practice every day to enhance the mind, body, and soul through this ancient practice. While many of us experience stress in our day to day life, it is when we do things like meditation and yoga, we can relax and stay calm. And what else helps with anxiety and stress? The latest buzz word, CBD of course! This compound of the cannabis plant is known for its medicinal properties, minus the high and helps you benefit in various ways. Especially when it comes to anxiety and pain relief, CBD is the in-thing to do away with the blues. And when yoga and CBD are combined, you can expect a lot more. Here’s how CBD and yoga together can give you a calming vibe and make a difference.

Bringing CBD and Yoga Together
CBD Yoga Many yogis are discovering how CBD products and asana practice go together. Two great ideas, one combined solution. CBD will not give you a high and is safe and acceptable during yoga. Here’s a list of the benefits of CBD:-

  • Pain relief
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Overall healthy feeling
  • Good mood

Calms the Mind

Yoga Calms Mind Yoga classes can be daunting, especially for beginners. You should not let your mind wander and be Zen! CBD helps calm an over-thinking brain and helps you concentrate especially for quicker-paced yoga-like Vinyasa. CBD can slow you down, and you can enjoy some calmer vibes. It also enables you to meditate and do pranayama without the impediment of a wandering mind, CBD helps.

Helps you into the flow of Yoga Faster

For an hour-long yoga class, it’s important to quickly gel in and get the best results. However, some enter into the mood of the class only 30 minutes later. CBD gets your mind yoga-ready and clears all stress and unwanted thought in your mind. This helps you stay focused right from the beginning to the end.

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Removes Aches and Pains

Ah, this is what anyone wants at the end of a vigorous session of yoga, right? Yoga can benefit your body at the same time leave you with a lot of sore muscles and aches. All the residual stiffness and soreness of the previous regime can be removed. CBD also helps your spine, back and shoulders shed the rigidness it usually has to help you perform your yoga movements with flowing grace and comfort.

You Recover Faster

Compared to many forms of exercise, yoga is a relaxing way but involves a lot of hard work. One hour of yoga involvestough asanas like Surya Namaskar, pushups, and other floor-related exercises. Turning to CBD can help your recoverpost-yoga practice, by reducing soreness, calming your mind, and relaxing you. We recommend CBD bath bombs and a hotbath which will keep you fresh the entire day. It is crucial for muscle recovery and fights any inflammation you mayhave.

Glowing Skin

Yoga practiced regularly gives you healthy and glowing skin in addition to a sharp body and mind. IN conjunction with CBD you will be blessed with a natural glow that will leave others wondering the secret of your good looks. Yoga and CBD make a great combination for looking good and naturally glowing skin.

Choosing the Right CBD Product

Are you wondering which is right for you? As a rule, tinctures which are added under your tongue are known to work within 15 minutes as opposed to gummies and capsules. However, they have an earthy flavor which may not be preferred by some. For tasteless options, softgels are the best, but they take longer to act. Salves and creams are great and are quickly absorbed, particularly after a shower after yoga or before bedtime. Choose whatever suits you and enjoy the double benefits of yoga and CBD.

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