Upcoming CBD Trends

To Watch Out For In 2023

Updated on September 22, 2023

The health and beauty industry is undergoing a revolution of sorts, with CBD finding its way into more and moreproducts. Man consumers are drawn to the hype around CBD, especially now that they have understood how beneficial andnatural it is!Walk into any CBD store today there will be an array of products like CBD Gummies, Vape Pens, Topicals, Capsules, and alot more that shows us how CBD has caught on in a big way. Here’s a look at some emerging CBD trends which you will findthis year.
CBD in Wine
CBD in Wine

One of the industry’s next big trends is weed-infused wine. Since being legalized in California and elsewhere, wine and weed are all set to rule. It is said that Canadian investment bank Canaccord Genuity LLC estimates that marijuana-infused beverages could become a $600 million market in the U.S over the next few years. Brands like CannaVines and Cannawine are working towards combining CBD with wine, but due to legalities alcohol is to be removed from the wine. Putting CBD in alcohol and beer is not easy as CBD tends to float like oil in them.

CBD Water

CBD Water

Water infused with CBD is quite interesting and new. Many of these bottles use the word ‘Nano’ which a technique pioneered in the pharmaceutical field which was created to improve the bioavailability of oil-based drugs. CBD water is a far more effective way to consume CBD. It is made with advanced technology where the water and CBD oil must be homogenized into an emulsion. It tastes just like regular water and is absorbed more into the bloodstream than regular consumption.

Prices are Coming Down

CBD Prices

Since the market is moving towards saturation the prices of hemp continue to drop. The price of a 1,000 mg CBD oil has come down to $100, a far cry from the high rates earlier. As mentioned, packages and branded hemp flowers are still expensive, but that’s likely the only exception to the rules of supply and demand. It is estimated that the Hemp flower pricing will likely drop drastically this season, as an enormous nationwide hemp harvest comes in.

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Customized CBD Products

CBD Products

With increased knowledge of the health benefits of CBD, seasoned users ask informed questions, and discuss their knowledge with friends after thorough research. They would prefer to have a brand that works for them based on their own personal experiences. Such awareness brings in high standards and quality because of competition. Due to this customers are seeking out customized products. For instance, tinctures specifically for improved sleep or edibles specifically for athletes. Thus companies are beginning to concentrate on customized products that are important for specific people and ailments. Novelty concentrates are making their way into the market too, after all.

Craft Beer – Green Times Brewing

CBD Green Times

With the sales of craft beer soaring last year, a mix of craft beer and CBD, therefore, be a winning combination. Green Times Brewing is a UK-based company that has created a craft beer. It is exciting, healthy and according to them, it is “jam-packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, and exotic flavors. This is another new trend that we hope will make big in 2023.

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