Top Wellness Trends

To Look Forward To This 2023

Updated on September 22, 2023

Wellness trends keep changing, and this year is no different. What is perceived as perfect for you one year, completely changes the next year. This 2023 is no different! The wellness world is set for a makeover. From CBD-infused coffee to mental health awareness, people are embracing new trends like there’s no tomorrow. Move on to intermittent fasting, Keto diets, and the like, here are the new and more accessible, earth-friendly trends this year. A brief look at all the wellness trends of 2023.

Happy About Hemp
Hemp-based foods getting more and more acceptance is good news. With the Farm Bill, hemp is now legalized, and there’s huge excitement about what 2023 has in store. From hemp-based smoothies, colas, and face masks, hemp is going to make its way into every home. According to experts, the seeds of hemp contain protein, fiber, amino acids, Vitamin E, and many essential minerals. Keep a watch for some awesome CBD brands and stock up on those products.

Coffee with Benefits

Plain coffee is passé. We are sure you are over your usual black. This 2023, the wellness trend is to pack coffee with extras to make the most of health with this wonder beverage. Veggie Java is doing the rounds, mushroom coffee is stocked on all shelves, and broccoli latte is getting brewed in many cafes. Watch out for various other coffee trends to spill over into 2023. In the meantime, if you haven’t given mushroom coffee a try, we urge you to go for it.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing trended big time in 2018! The element of spirituality is a new entry into wellness trends. This spiritual-based healing will well spill into 2023. The trend is mostly being endorsed by the beauty industry where facials, skin massages, and bleaches are involving semi-precious stones are blended into secret formulas to balance energy and to heal the skin from within. It’s believed that everything is made up of energy and crystals hold very powerful healing energy and this trend will well spill onto 2023.

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Ayurveda will Rule

The ancient healing system of Ayurveda is spreading its wings worldwide this year. Ayurveda has sparked off a trend with an obsession with ayurvedic products like turmeric which are exploding into the public consciousness. Advice on personalized wellness methods is taking a backseat as what works for one may not work for another. Ayurveda and its principles are getting popular on a much broader scale. Ayurvedic herbs will be going mainstream, don’t be surprised to hear names like Ashwagandha and thulasi infused into herb-boosted smoothies and herbal snacks.

The Vegan Trend is here to stay

This year, veganism isn’t going to disappear. Almost all restaurants are working towards vegan menus, and more will join in. It’s considered great for health-giving many the relief they never got with other diets. Enjoy vegan icecreams, cookies, and even vegan steaks.

Watch out for Macronutrients

All of us have heard the terms macro and micronutrients. Now, these have got to step aside, because Mesonutrients are here to take you to the next level! Macros are your fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, whereas micronutrients are minerals and vitamins. But hold on, macronutrients, are next level. These nutrients break down food and focus on what’s inside, i.e. active compounds within the food that have direct health benefits. For instance, in the case of turmeric, it’s curcumin which is widely celebrated for its healing properties. This helps us tailor supplements carefully according to requirements.

Yoga for Recharging

Just like Ayurveda, this trend will continue well into 2023. No more yoga in studios, it will be practiced in beautiful natural locations like river-side, beach-side, near sunsets, etc. There will be an overall shift in trends towards restorative, gentle, nourishing classes. Yoga classes are seeing a spike in registration, showing this is one of the top wellness trends in 2023 too.

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