Own This Winter With 5 CBD Infused Products

That Will Save Your Skin

Updated on September 22, 2023

The Holiday Season is around and it is ringing festive bells. We love all the festivities but the toll of the weather on our skin is too much. The winter is universal and the dry air that comes with it can take a negative toll on your skin. It is no secret that our skin gets affected by dry patches, rough ends, and feels flaky. As cannabis gets a new inventive mode, one can see that it can be used in multiple ways for many problems. We use multiple creams and devices to add moisture but do they always work? The potency of CBD to provide relief and protection, ample moisture, and more is definitely noteworthy.

How can CBD be your Best Friend this Winter?

  • CBD regulates sebaceous glands
  • Cannabidiol or CBD has all the 21 amino acids essential for face
  • It moderates oil production
  • It soothes inflammation
  • It has fatty acids that aid in balancing out the skin condition
  • It has anti-ageing properties with linoleic acid and oleic acid

Is it safe to Use CBD on Skin? Is it clinically tested safe?

CBD has great benefits and through the research around it is limited, it has given rise to many brands making CBD-infused products. With CBD being accepted as per the 2018 Farm Bill, it has gained more traction among the public. CBD is absolutely safe to use on the skin. It is required to do a patch test before if one is unsure about the effects of CBD.

  • Cannabis Certification Council based in Denver has shown how CBD has a great and safe effect on the skin.
  • Jeanette Jacknin, a dermatologist, has proven how CBD can reduce aging signs and add moisture.

The Skin Products we vouch for

Endoca: Hemp Whipped Body Butter

Endoca_ Hemp Whipped Body Butter 

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This is a luxury product with a protective and moisturizing layer. It is a hemp product with powerful anti-oxidant properties and has 100% pure, natural, organic ingredients. It is used topically and can be directed through the skin. It has shea butter, palm oil, cannabis oil, root starch, and vitamin E. It is ultra-oxidizing and skin protecting in nature.

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Daintri: Moisturizer Anti-Aging CBD


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It is a hydrating and healing moisturizer that is crafted to retain hydration, bring firmness, improve elasticity and bring radiance. It has anti-inflammatory properties and regenerative factors. It will reduce redness and keep renewing cells. It reduces wrinkles and has boosting superpowers.

CBDistillery CBDefine Cream

CBDistillery CBDefine

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It is highly useful and has proven anti-inflammatory properties and will help increase blood flow. It reduces dry skin and keeps the sebaceous glands in check and is pesticide-free. It is non-GMO and has olive oil and coconut oil in good quantities.

Terra Vida: CBD Day Skin Reviver Cream

Terra Vida

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One can moisturize the skin with this light-weight cream. It provides moisture and boosts radiance. It keeps skin smooth and soft. It is legal in all 50 states. It provides hydration, amplifies natural beauty and gives radiance. It keeps skin supple and soft.

Discover CBD Sagely Naturals CBD

Discover CBD Sagely Naturals CBD

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This has 50 mg CBD and has menthol that has a cooling effect. It has a moisturizing effect and keeps one hydrated for long. It keeps you supple and does not dry out your skin. It has fatty acids and amino acids that add vitality and strength to the skin. You can use this as a day cream as well.

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