The Most Innovative CBD Brands Of 2020

CBD has been skyrocketing in its popularity over the past few years due to its therapeutic effects and the fact that it does not give you a high. CBD or cannabidiol as it is called is creating an increasingly competitive environment for businesses. CBD is a booming business and coupled with massive public demand, more and more companies are coming up with innovations to help customers defeat all kinds of ailments. Many businesses have invested in CBD and are creating new products and making existing products even better. Here we will highlight 5 CBD companies who have come up with the most innovative CBD products of the year, making them a stand-out in the CBD industry.

Even for those who regularly use CBD, it gets difficult to find out reputable brands which provide quality CBD with no THC and completely organic. It’s also difficult to find the right CBD oil products. That’s why we are here to help you. Here’s a foolproof list of the top 10 CBD products you can buy in the market today. It’s done after extensive research from us as well as many users who benefitted from them.


1. Can Chew

CBD chewing gum hit the market last year and we love the cool innovation of a chewing gum CBD. It is a good way to get the dose of cannabidiol you need in an easy manner. When you chew on gum as opposed to CBD oil, you don’t have to worry about measuring your dosages on your own. It is also good to take on-the-go. Can Chew is a leading and innovative brand which offers the only patented CBD chewing gum in the world. In fact, they are the first company to offer CBD in chewing gum. They have been featured in all leading articles and magazines for their innovative products. This chewing gum is gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Can Chew has a formula which allows you to absorb the majority of the CBD within the first 30 minutes of chewing; before these changes, it could take an hour for your body to absorb just half of it.

Price: $69.99

2. Sweet Reason
Sweet Reason

Sweet Reason specializes in infusing CBD and other ingredients into an all-solutions-offering drink. They adopt innovative practices in coming up with products like sparkling water with delicious flavours for those on-the-go and wishing to be discrete. Sweet Reasons incorporates CBD because they believe that the compound found within cannabis plants has since achieved a wide range of health benefits. This includes antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to name a few. Sweet Reason sparkling drinks come in three unique flavours, including Grapefruit, Cucumber and Mint, and Strawberry and Lavender. Each flavour only contains 7mg of CBD which can bring about the right positive effect.

Price: $39.99

3. Sträva Craft Coffee
Sträva Craft Coffee

Sträva Craft Coffee is a fast-expanding coffee company with the best CBD coffee. The company was founded by a pair of friends who love high-quality, delicious coffee which has a healthy boost and is responsibly sourced. Sträva has, therefore, come up with hemp oil-infused speciality coffees rich in CBD. CBD coffee is a big trend in CBD and we increasingly offered by brands everywhere. However, this coffee from Sträva is of the finest quality with superior quality CBD. Coffee is already a part of people’s everyday lives and infused with CBD it can serve as a perfect introduction to the benefits of CBD. Another added benefit is that the CBD is known to combat anxiety, something that people often struggle with when it comes to too much caffeine.
Sträva offers four varieties of CBD coffee in their Peace & Wellness line. Here, each comes with different amounts of CBD per each 12-ounce bag of whole-bean coffee. Focus contains 30 milligrams of CBD, Restore contains 120 milligrams, and Elevate contains 240 milligrams. You also have a decaf option, Escape, which contains 60 milligrams.

Price: $15.95

4. Milk Makeup’s Kush Mascara
Milk Makeup’s Kush

The milk makeup brand is known for pushing boundaries with some innovative formulas and this CBD mascara is no different. The Kush Mascara gives you lovely, thick lashes which create a look of peak fullness and curling power. The cannabidiol oil used serves as its new, vegan alternative and conditions lashes as you wear it. It gives the formula a creamy texture, making it easier to apply. It gives you extra volume with zero clumps.

Price: $24

5. Purple Leaf
Purple Leaf

For those who just want to enhance the bathing experience, bath bombs have been the go-to way to spice it up for a while now. This young company, Purple Leaf offers CBD bath and beauty products which could give any top brand a run for their money. What sets Purple Leaf apart is that even though bath bombs that contain CBD have been on the market, most of them come from dispensaries. In this case, you may still need a card to even access those sites, and make a purchase. Most bath bombs previously available also contained THC, the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant.

Purple Leaf’s bath bombs are all handmade with natural ingredients. They have a number of varieties where the standard size bomb contains 200 milligrams of CBD. You can also opt for the mini varieties which contain 67 milligrams. The current favourite bombs you can use to relax your skin and your mind at bathtime include Tropical Oasis, Tea Time, Rose Petal, Peach Ring, Natural Essence and more.

Price: $20

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