Meet The 5 Harbingers Of The CBD Revolution

Know Your CBD

Updated on February 2021

CBD is a non-psychoactive constituent that reduces seizures, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and multiple symptoms. It has vast medical potential and is slowly becoming a loved option for all those who do not prefer prescription drugs. It has slowly but surely cemented its place as a dominating factor in the market and is widely loved for its great strains, awide range of usability and multiple products. One finds many strains and this gives users different effects. One does not get high and does not test positive on a drug test. With these amazing characteristics, it is important to understand its genesis and respect the chemists, growers, and breeders who have pioneered this CBD movement.
Kevin Jowdry
Kevin founded the Wonderland nursery in California and is responsible for the spreading of CBD genetics around thestate. He was a key member in working to stabilize the best phenotypes and genotypes. He then worked on distributing them to farmers who looked to produce CBD-rich important and potent strains. He aided growers in best growing practicesto get the best and purest CBD. He is one of the first to recognize and differentiate between strains and look forpotent ones.

Dr. Geoffrey Guy (UK)

Dr. Geoffrey Guy founded GW Pharmaceuticals in 1998 to explore the unknown medical benefits of cannabis. He also wanted to produce pharmaceutical-grade approved cannabis-derived medicines for the larger good. He began growing hemp and isolating their specific strains for more careful and calculated use. He went on to produce the first FDA-approved cannabis drug. It was named Epidiolex and is intended to provide relief during pediatric seizures.

Lawrence Ringo

The late Lawrence Ringo founded Southern Humboldt Seed Collective (SOHUM). He even spent his life growing CBD in California. He had a quaint love for quality genetics. This love propelled him to find a CBD-rich variant called Sour Tsunami and Swiss Tsunami. SOHUM is still responsible for some of the best high-quality strains and CBD varieties. Posthis passing away, SOHUM seeds are managed by his three sons.

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Stanley Brothers

These Colorado-based brothers started their tryst with CBD in 2008. It was their uncle’s cancer that brought them closerto CBD. They fell in love and started developing around it. In 2011, they were working on their tincture when the brothers met Paige Figi. Her daughter Charlotte suffered severely from Dravet syndrome and experienced almost 300 seizures a week. The tincture worked for her and received huge applause and appreciation. It is now the bestseller CBD oil called Charlotte’s web. It broke on CNN and helped gain and catalyze public acceptance of CBD in 2013.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam was a chemist who followed the work of Dr. Roger Adams in isolated compounds in cannabis. He particularly explored CBD’s anti-seizure potential in mice and human studies. He was also responsible for aiding ourearly understandings of the chemical structure of CBD as early as the 1960s. The usefulness of CBD was under represented in the medical world until further extensive research reinforced Dr. Mechoulam’s findings. He worked extensively on the impact and effect CBD has on anxiety and pain.

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