How To Consume CBD?

Know The Best Ways To Consume CBD

Updated on September 22, 2023

CBD has a wide range of applications and consumption methods which can be a bit daunting if you are new to the world of CBD. If you have finally decided to enjoy the enormous health benefits of CBD but are confused with which products and how to consume CBD to ensure maximum benefits, read along our detailed guide which will help you decide which CBD product best suits your needs and help you navigate each method of CBD consumption.

How is CBD best absorbed?

Taking a few drops of CBD under your tongue is the best way for faster absorption of CBD rather than taking edible CBD which will have to pass through the digestive tract.

Types of CBD Products
Types of CBD Products

Sublingual Products – Tinctures (CBD Oil)

If you wish to consume in its original taste without any added sugars and preservatives sublingual products like tinctures are what you should indulge in. Tinctures are designed to be absorbed under your tongue. Consuming CBD in this form is a faster way of experiencing its benefits as it gets absorbed faster. It is also the most discrete method of consuming CBD.

Sublingual Products

How to consume CBD Oil under the tongue?

Tinctures come with a dropper. Fill half a dropper and release the oil under the tongue, wait for 30 seconds and then swallow. You can also add it to your coffee, tea, or smoothies.

How to consume CBD in coffee?

If you are not a fan of the earthy taste of CBD Oil you can add a few drops of CBD oil to your coffee, tea, or even smoothies. Alternatively, it is commonly added while making brownies, cakes, and muffins.

All You Need To Know About CBD – Complete Guide


CBD Edibles

If you are not a fan of the earthy taste of CBD edibles are a great way of introducing CBD into your lifestyle. Edibles are one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD as they are available in various forms and flavors. You can choose from CBD gummies, capsules, soft gels, and lollipops. It’s a discreet way to consume CBD while you are out or traveling.

How to consume CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, and Soft Gels?

CBD Oil also comes in the form of capsules and soft gels. Which is a great option for people who do not wish to swallow CBD oil or the earthy taste. It is a great way to maintain a consistent amount of CBD intake and it’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine by taking one or two tablets a day.

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD as it consists of only Cannabidiol. CBD isolates come in many forms but the powder form is the most popular.

How to consume CBD Powder?

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD which comes in powder form. CBD isolate can be taken by adding to your food and drinks, it can be taken sublingually by placing it under your tongue, it can also be inhaled.


CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are designed to be applied directly to our skin. CBD-infused products help in relieving muscle pains by using them topically in the form of creams, gels, ointments, or CBD balms. A topical product is a great choice to treat localized pain or skin condition such as skin-related ailments, pain relief, acne, and muscle soreness. CBD cream is also great for period pain.

How to apply CBD Cream?

Simply apply to the desired area on your body such as legs, back, neck, feet, or massage it on your temples if you have a migraine.

Vaping and Smoking

CBD Vaping and Smoking

Inhaling CBD is the quickest way of experiencing the benefits of CBD. Inhaling CBD through smoking or vaping goes straight to your lungs and into the bloodstream. It is the fasted method to feel the effects of CBD.

How to consume CBD through smoking?

Inhaling CBD can be done by smoking CBD concentrate using an oil rig or by rolling a joint.

How to consume CBD flower?

CBD flowers can be consumed by smoking. There are CBD Flower in pre-rolls available that just look like joints. Alternatively, you can smoke CBD flowers with a pipe, bong, or rolling them.

How to consume CBD through vaping?

You can consume CBD through a vaping pen. Vaping is a great alternative to smoking without the harsh effects.

All You Need To Know About CBD – Complete Guide

CBD Dabs

CBD Dabs

CBD Dabs have concentrated extracts that encompass isolates, shatters, and butter, crystals, and waxes. Dabbing refers to heating these CBD concentrates on a hot surface to vaporize them which is then inhaled. Dabbing can be a risky process for amateurs as it’s a precise process.

How to consume CBD Dabs?

The method involves the use of proper equipment like a Dab Rig, Nail, Dabber Carb Cap, Torch, and Cannabis extract. Dabbing is a process that requires in-depth research of set -up, heat, extract, and inhalation.

How to consume CBD Wax?

CBD Wax is consumed by dabbing, vaporizing, and a bong. CBD Wax is a type of Cannabis concentrate which is popular due to its high potency. The different types of CBD Wax are CBD Crumble, CBD Budder, CBD Live Resin which are all consumed by dabbing.

These are the common ways of taking CBD and enjoying its benefits. You should try different methods to see what best works for you after consulting your doctor and doing the required research.

How to consume CBD FAQs

What is the most popular way to take CBD?

Inhaling is the most popular way to take CBD as it’s the fastest way to feel the benefits. Inhaling CBD through smoke or vapor directly interns the lungs and bloodstream thus giving instant effect.

How much CBD can you ingest in a day?

Unless your dose is recommended by a doctor it’s best to start with smaller doses. Take a set amount (a few drops) of CBD for a week to ensure that it is well tolerated for side effects or allergies before increasing the dose.

What’s the best time of the day to take CBD?

Some people find taking CBD in the morning best suits their needs, while some prefer taking it at the night. There is int no best time as it differs from person to person.

Will CBD show on a drug test?

No, it won’t as most of the drug tests are not for screening CBD. However, it is best to avoid using CBD if you have to undergo a drug test as some CBD products contain THC.

What is the best form of CBD?

CBD Tinctures are one of the most effective methods of CBD consumption as they are the most available CBD product. Using Tinctures also have its benefits as you get the highest dose in just a few drops, long duration of effects, low onset time, and easy consumption.

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