CBD-Infused Water

How Drinking CBD-Infused Water Is Amazing For Your Health

Updated on September 22, 2023

Water by itself is an elixir for life. So imagine how good water infused with CBD would be? With brands getting more and more innovative with infusing drinks and food with CBD for customer needs, it’s not surprising they have come up with the great idea of CBD water. CBD water is infused with nano-sized CBD molecules and this allows CBD to freely go anywhere in the body where it is needed.

What is CBD Water? How is CBD Infused in Water?
CBD Water (1)

Water that has been infused with CBD so that users can feel its benefits for treatment from various diseases is CBD Water. The nanoparticles from CBD which are infused in water can move freely throughout the body more effectively compared to CBD or hemp oil and thus help better absorption and bio availability. The nanoparticles due to their size, allow CBD water to get bypassed and without reaching the digestive system, it gets absorbed completely. Thus it can be transported to any part of the body and reach every single cell.

How Much CBD Water Should you Drink Daily?

If you are draining it for general health and no medical reasons, 10-25 mg per day would be an adequate amount. However if you are drinking it to treat some illness, then 2-10 mg of water is recommended per kilogram of your body weight. For instance, if you are 60 kg, you may have to drink at least 120mg.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Water?

Benefits of CBD Water

As we all know, CBD has numerous health benefits and is known to alleviate symptoms and treat many ailments such as inflammation, muscle pain, epilepsy, and anxiety. Other conditions which can be treated with CBD-infused water include –

  • Discomfort and pain related to cancer
  • PTSD
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Insomnia
  • IBS
  • Depression

All these can be treated because CBD is highly beneficial for the endocannabinoid system in the body. The function of this system is the regulation of the central and peripheral nervous system, cardiopulmonary system and immune system. CBD water, thanks to nanotechnology, can reach every cell of the body, including the heart and the nerve cells. It also helps boost the immune system and reduces inflammation and muscle pain.

All You Need To Know About CBD – Complete Guide

Differences of CBD Oil and Water

CBD Water CBD oil
Refreshing Taste Slightly Unpleasant
Faster Absorption Slower Absorption
Greater Bioavailability Lesser due to the Size of Oil Particles
Pure CBD Additional Cannabinoids Besides CBD
More Expensive Less Expensive

Top Brands Selling CBD-Infused Water

CBD Living Water

CBD Living Water

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500 ml, $5.99

The CBD water from CBD Living Water is 100% organic and made with natural hemp CBD extracts. They use cutting-edge nanotechnology to infuse the natural CBD extract in approximately 9+pH alkaline water. It helps you stay hydrated and healthy. CBD Living Water drink offers a convenient, hydrating way to get your daily CBD without doubting the dosage. Each 500 ml bottle of water contains 5 million nanograms of CBD. It is more bioavailable than CBD oil.

CBD Naturals Nano CBD Water

CBD Naturals Nano

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CBD Naturals loves to give its customers the best CBD products with maximum bioavailability. With the help of nano-technology, it brings you CBD-infused water. Everyone can benefit from CBD Naturals CBD water and they also deliver free in the US. What we love is that CBD Naturals is made with Solar Rain purified water which is 100% pure and natural.

Canna Nano CBD Plus Water Single Bottle

Canna Nano

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Twice the CBD found anywhere else in each of their bottles, the Plus water from Canna Nano is the ultra-premium version of CBD water. Their water is passed through sand filters, similar to the natural process of groundwater filtering through sediment layers. Other precision-based methods are followed using the latest technology to get the purest available CBD water. At Cammarano, you can expect extra purity with pure, great-tasting premium CBD drinking water.

Final Words

CBD water with its numerous health benefits, pleasing taste, and easy absorption properties can help you benefit immensely. It won’t give you the feeling of getting high because it doesn’t contain the psychoactive THC ingredient often present in other products. Drinking this type of water will improve your pain-related symptoms, keep you calm and focused and reduce insomnia.

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