The Amazing Benefits Of Dabbing CBD Wax

Updated on September 22, 2023

We have heard of some common CBD products like CBD oil, CBD gummies, and so on. But do you know that CBD wax is advantageous than any of these? However, you would need a whole setup like a dabbing pen, etc., using CBD in the form of wax is an effective way to enjoy its benefits. Everyone should understand that dabbing wax is not the same as dabbing cannabis.

Best CBD Wax Dabs

CBDFX Wax – Concentrated Wax


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With CBDfx, their products are not just limited to basic stuff like CBD Oil. You have everything here, right from CBD vape juice, CBD topical to CBD products for pets, CBD wax, and the likes. You also get free shipping to all 50 states in the US. The wax with CBD is 100% vegan, non-GMO, and 100% compliant with legal and quality standards. The wax you get is a concentrated, strong, wax. They filter their CBD oil, which is extracted from organic hemp plants and the result is made to dab. The wax thus obtained is rich in cannabinoids, amino acids, and terpenes.

Green Roads CBD Wax

Green Roads Wax

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All the CBD products available on Green Roads are derived from the best hemp plants which are filtered for fine quality. The hemp-based products available on Green Roads are more than 99% pure. All their products are organic, pure, and non-GMO with no unnecessary fillers and additives. The wax dabs have a strong smell, with a gooey feel. Add desired serving to any hot beverage and consume accordingly.

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Honey Dab Wax 30% CBD

300 Plus Hemp Wax

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This is the award-winning dab wax and is the best dab wax in the industry. It’s got an amazing honey citrus flavor, and it vapes perfectly. It has a whopping 300mg of CBD that helps you enjoy all the benefits of CBD. It has a high-quality wax consistency with a pleasant honey flavor! It is very smooth and tastes great.

CBDistillery Wax


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One of the best-selling products of The CBDistillery is their 80% broad-spectrum CBD Wax. The product is a mix of CBD, and CBG, a non-psychoactive marijuana compound. It has a lot of medical effects like antidepressants, painkillers, and antibacterial, and so on. It comes in a container with 1 gram of wax extracted from industrial hemp oil. It is non-GMO, non-THC, and pesticide-free. The flavor is great and you can buy it on their site.

What are CBD wax Dabs and how are they made?

In order to extract the CBD from the cannabis plant, the CO2 method is most often used. When you remove the CBD in this method, it gets rid of unnecessary compounds including chlorophyll. Further to get CBD, it’s pulled from hemp plants and reduces the traceable THC in the wax. From that point, it’s easy to inject the CBD isolate, usually an oil, into a small dab of wax.

What are the advantages of CBD Wax?

The main reason CBD wax is so popular and is a go-to method is that you experience the effects of cannabidiols instantly in this method. All you need to do is use the oil dabbing pen to “smoke” the wax. With dabbing, what we mean is that you apply a small bit of wax to the coil of the pen, which helps heat the wax such that it vaporizes. You can then inhale it through the mouthpiece of the dabbing pen. There are several types of CBD wax that can be used: shatter; crumble, budder, live resin:

CBD Shatter

In this, the product is shattered and appears broken. To get shatter the CBD oil is extracted through heat. The oil hardens and becomes a clear, amber glass. When you dab it, the shatter turns into a thick liquid.

CBD Budder

This also requires a special extraction process. Here the hemp is purged at high temperature and air pressure. You get a fluffy, waxy substance that is highly potent.

CBD Live Resin

For this, the CBD oil is pulled straight from fresh hemp flowers. Here the main difference is that the plant is freeze-dried. Live resin has its own flavor which is aromatic and has definite floral notes. It has a gooey consistency.

CBD Crumble

With CBD Crumble, after a traditional extraction, the budtender leaves the CBD isolate on its own and allows it to set in its own good time. It attains a waxy consistency that appears to crumble.

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