You Can Buy CBD Honey Now!

You get the dual benefits of both

Updated on September 22, 2023

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become increasingly popular in the last few years. This part of the hemp extract does not give you a high and can help with a variety of medical concerns, like pain and anxiety. Now, you will love this new sweet and healthy product in the market – honey infused with CBD!
How is CBD with Honey helpful?
As well all know, CBD oil is already known for its amazing properties. When it is mixed with honey, you get the dual benefits of both. Honey has been used for centuries for many ailments across cultures and together with CBD, you can expect miracles.

Benefits of CBD

CBD oil is known to interact with your body’s immune system through the CB2 receptor. Thus it elevates the endocannabinoids and sends the message for the inflammation to become reduced. This way, your body will experience several benefits like reduced pain, reduced inflammation, etc.

How Honey Helps

Honey is said to have several benefits. it is used to soothe sore throats and reduce night-time coughing. For those with severe coughs, giving honey or honey-flavored cough medicine eases their throats. It is also good for the skin and has powerful antioxidants. It also lowers blood pressure and is good for the healing of wounds.

More on CBD Honey

Bee Delightful is based in Austin, Texas, and have come up with the innovative idea of CBD-infused honey which you can use like other honey products, but contains the added benefits of CBD. Made by blending wildflower honey with honey from bees that have been rescued by Bee Delightful, it is then infused with a carefully extracted, naturally occurring CBD.

The product has been aptly named as Called Canna Bees Rescue Blend. The ingredients in it are raw honey and CBD only. According to Bees Delightful, there are between 14mg and 28 mg CBD per teaspoon. This depends on the size of the jar you order. The cost of a 250-mg jar is $39, while a 500-mg jar costs $59. They can be found at stores around the country, or on Bee Delightful’s website. The honey is entirely made in the USA. It contains less than .3% THC. So there will be no “high”. Remember to consult a physician before purchasing.

Bee Delightful is into community helping and helps support local extractors. They donate money to make the bee removal/rescue process free for people in their communities. They also relocate bee colonies to chemical-free properties safely and allow room for foraging and pollinating. Remember, people below 18, pregnant women, and lactating mothers are not recommended this honey.

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