Roasterie Launches CBD-Infused Cold Brew

Kansas City-based Roasterie launches CBD-infused coffee that could bring a whole new meaning to the term “coffee pot” known as “CBD COLD BREW”. The Roasterie announced the company’s first extension of its Canned Cold Brew line, “CBD Cold Brew” in a Facebook post. This product is said to be created in partnership with CBD American Shaman and will be sold in American Shaman stores, as well as the Roasterie Factory Café on Southwest Boulevard

As for The Roasterie’s CBD coffee, it offers a blend of beans imported from Brazil, Mexico, and Kenya. It has the same flavour profile as the company’s normal cold-brew coffee, which Park said as creamy with chocolate and caramel notes. It also has low acidity, and the CBD adds a mild flavour that’s akin to match a green tea. According to American Shaman’s website, CBD oil which is made from cannabidiol (cannabis) found in marijuana plants. Proponents say there are many healing properties to CBD and it does not contain any chemicals from marijuana responsible for causing a “high.”

Craig Park (buyer and quality control specialist at The Roasterie) said: “It’s totally clean, Zero psychoactive effects and We’ve been having trouble keeping it on the shelves.” Sky Morgan, uses the oil to relieve headaches said: “It seems to clear my head and help me focus when I have my migraines.” “I think CBD will find somewhat of a home in the coffee industry,” Park said. “The coffee industry is very collaborative, very innovative and typically is very on-trend.”

The new label surprised many customers Monday, but dozens left The Roasterie with at least a can.

The coffee is available at The Roasterie’s factory location in Kansas City at 1204 W. 27th St. and at about a dozen area American Shaman locations, where the coffee is available on tap or in cans. The Roasterie sells the 8-ounce cans for $5 each or a six-pack for $25. For now, The Roasterie is focused on selling the product in the Kansas City market but eventually could expand nationally.

Caffeinated CBD is very trending in the United States. Ipn Waterford City, Ireland, Blooms Cafe hawks cannabis flower and CBD infused brews under the country’s legal limit of 0.2 percent THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). The global coffee-marijuana connection is increasing-this fall, Canada’s Second Cup Coffee has also announced plans to convert pre-existing locations into cannabis dispensaries via a partnership with weed company National Access Corp.

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