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Initially distributed by HempMeds, RSHO or Real Scientific Hemp Oil is a premier CBD oil company that formulates effective means to bring the benefits of CBD to the masses. It seeks to make cannabinoids available to everyone. Hemp is grown in Northern Europe where one can find the ideal conditions. The selection of CBD is alone enough to tell why they are pioneers in the CBD revolution. It creates the best hemp products from 100% organic produce.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil Coupon Codes

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Real Scientific Hemp Oil is a concentrated CBD hemp oil extract that has some of the finest and highest quality natural CBD in the industry. In Real Scientific Hemp Oil, there are no additives, preservatives, or fillers. It is pure full-spectrum oil that has no additives.

What makes Real Scientific Hemp Oil a preferred choice over others?

  • 100% natural hemp oil
  • There are no dangerous contaminants added
  • It is chemical and pesticide free
  • The products are all third-party tested and the cannabinoid content is also tested
  • Use of sustainable, eco-friendly raw material
  • Northern Europe grew hemp of the finest quality
  • All products are THC free and non-GMO

What are the Best Products of RSHO?

Hemp Oil RSHO
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Hemp Oil CBD Capsules
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CBD Salve

CBD Salve is used to nourish worn-out and tired joints, muscles, and other body parts. It has a unique blend of revitalizes that address a lot of issues faced by can be used to soothe elbows, heels and soften cuticles. It can replenish critical resources and make one pain-free.

RSHO Special Blend

This is the most powerful item which is stacked with 38% CBD and is perfect for individuals who want a high level of CBD and unique cannabinoids. A 10g container of this product contains 3800mg of CBD.


It has about 120 mg of CBD and it comes with easy to use oral applicators which makes it very user-friendly. It has safe packing and is user-friendly. It is highly preferred and is very popular.

RSHO Isolate

This is non-GMO hemp which is extracted using a supercritical CO2 method. The oil is purified and the plant material is filtered. One gets pure isolate powder with 99% CBD. It is perfectly crystallized and has no smell or taste attached to it. It can be vaped, orally consumed, and used in multiple ways.

How Safe are RSHO products?

RSHO has a triumvirate testing policy with regard to safety, quality, and precision. The testing is conducted by independent third-party labs that verify the products. They use CO 2 extraction policy which does not kill its efficacy.

How to get RSHO products at Best Prices + Save Money

To get RSHO products at the best prices, one has to join their newsletter list. With one subscription, one gets amazing deals that are hard to ignore. These products can be purchased at amazing reduced prices. You can reduce almost 20% with these coupons. These potent products can be purchased online using genuine coupon codes as well.

Final Thoughts

RSHO is backed by HempMeds and it wins on multiple factors. The products are legal, tested, and have undergone some rigorous quality checks. Consumer well-being is their priority and this is definitely a positive outlook. Their high-quality products are well-loved worldwide with potent, pure, and rich concentrations. They are quality-tested products that cement their position in the CBD realm.

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