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Updated on September 22, 2023

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Pure Spectrum is known for its top-notch phytocannabinoids. They deliver some of the most reliable and best phytocannabinoid wellness products available today. Pure Spectrum remains pioneers of emerging extract systems with innovative infusion processes and setting a high standard in phytocannabinoids manufacturing. They are a Colorado-based company which offers products with elaborate lab testing, vouching for their high-quality.

Know more about Pure Spectrum

Why opt for Pure Spectrum products?

  • They batch test every product every time and provide test results for each purchase. Pure Spectrum stands for quality and purity.
  • The accurate quantity of CBD is guaranteed in each product exactly as claimed.
  • All the hemp sourced is certified organic hemp which is produced under the best manufacturing processes.
  • All products are affordably priced.
  • The products are tested by a third party for phytocannabinoid potency levels.
  • They are also tested for residual solvents to ensure purity.
  • They collaborate with leading scientists, universities, researchers, and biotech companies for the best results.
  • They have over 30 years of industry experience

Test Results

In order to maintain transparency, they publish their test results on their website for all to see. So the customer gets to know all details about the product he is buying and not kept in the dark.

Here are few of their highly-rated products which are loved by users and given great reviews.

Pure Spectrum Lotion

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CBD isolate

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Bubble Gum – Honey Oil Cartridge

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Pure Spectrum has products specifically created to achieve self-healing and longevity. Some of their top products include

Hemp Oil Tincture

This product has organic full-spectrum CBD oil and is boosted with organic nutraceutical-grade CBD isolate. The oil has a smooth taste and better absorption. It comes in Standard 500gm packs with 2, 3,5,10 pack capacity. Hemp Oil is less than 0.3% THC and contains CBD and hence there is no high

99% CBD Isolate

This is the purest form of CBD. This 99% CBD isolate is made from laboratory processes which help extract 99% pure CBD isolate. Available in 1, 10, 50-gram packs.

  • Cartridges
  • Topicals
  • Concentrates
  • Pure Spectrum Lotion

This is a phytocannabinoid blend. It consists of Pure Spectrum blend, Aloe Vera extracts, cocoa butter and olive oils and works as a night relaxing cream and pain reliever.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Certified organic and non-GMO
  • Lab test results available on site
  • Pure products
  • Over 30 years’ experience in the industry


  • Limited option of products

Saving Tips

CBD products have established their heritage in delivering discounts & allowing its customers to save to an extreme.

  • It allows free delivery on all domestic orders up to $ 150.
  • Another super saver is subscribed & saved. On subscription, the product will be delivered every month by saving 10%.
  • Another discount coupon shows 15% inclusive of free shipping on all orders.
  • Another bonanza offer is 15% off on all products site wide.

Customer Service

Customer service stands out of the crowd. The executives make sure that they solve all the queries instantly. Currently, they are allowing chat within 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST if some queries need to be solved. Other than this, one can also mail to the official support team. Or reach out to the official contact number given on the website.

Shipping Policy

  • Shipping is free for all orders over $100.
  • They have a 30-day return policy
  • All orders are shipped within 48 hours of delivery.
  • Shipping available in the USA, Australia, and Canada.
  • Price Range of the Products: $40 – $120 approximately
  • Lab Test Results: All US states, some EU countries, and Australia

Payment Options

Payment Disbursements are accepted through credit & debit cards FROM VISA, MasterCard, after ensuring that all the requisites asked for are filled correctly.

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Are the products shipped to Canada?
Currently, any dispatches outside the US are suspended but hope to resume sooner.
Are the test results visible to the customers?
All the products have been cross-checked through several stages. To avoid any sort of discrepancy test results by third party labs are uploaded in the third party test result section.
Who supervises production?
Well, all the steps, right from raw to finished products, the journey has been closely supervised by the experts of the team.
How to use CBD Isolate?
One must hold it under their tongue & then swallow it. Or one may mix it in their food or drink. It’s easily absorbable.
What is the best way to store pure spectrum products?
One must store it in a cool dry & dark space. One must not touch it directly to the mouth. If guaranteed life of a year if stored at a secured place.

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