Psilocybe Cubensis

The Magic Behind Magic Mushrooms

Updated on September 22, 2023


The natural world is filled with a vast array of magnificent and mysterious species of both plant and animal genotypes, as well as whatever may find themselves in between. Fungi are in a classification of their own. Although some may say they are neither plant nor animal, they veer more to side Kingdom Animalia more so than they do Kingdom Plantae.

These mysterious life forms have offered mankind much salvation in the past, and they continue to do so in ways that we cannot yet comprehend. One of the most exciting fungi species that have been pervasive throughout human history and culture is Psilocybe Cubensis.

These golden teachers have shared a rich history with humanity with their ability to provide powerful spiritual insights and experiences that serve as a testament to their sacred value.

Very few naturally occurring compounds on earth can elucidate one’s inner workings in the way that Psilocybe Cubensis can.

These golden teachers have been held in high regard in the eastern world for good reason and it’s only recently that the western world acknowledged its therapeutic potential. If you’re curious about learning more about these types of mushrooms and their potential medicinal value, keep on reading, and we’ll do our best to inform you of what we know to be true!

What are Psilocybe Cubensis?


Psilocybe Cubensis, or P Cubensis for short, are species of magic mushrooms that contain the psychedelic compound Psilocybin. They are naturally occurring in nature and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

They are one of many different types of magic mushroom species and are usually dried before consumption. Alternative methods of consumption, such as brewing mushroom tea also exist.

Where Do Psilocybe Cubensis Come From?

Like many other types of fungi, Psilocybe Cubensis can be naturally found all over the world. Naturally, Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are also known to grow outdoors but can also inhabit indoor climates due to their relatively lenient growing requirements.

That said, magic mushrooms are known to grow in North American climates as well. In the 1960s and 70s, mushroom foraging was a thing in North America. Many university students and counter-culture youths embraced it.

It involved scouring the vast grasslands and wetlands to find psilocybin-containing mushrooms. This activity was also not exclusive to North America; mushroom foragers in the United Kingdom, Australia, and similar areas had also followed suit.

Where do They Grow?

Psilocybin mushrooms can thrive in a variety of different biomes. However, they are typically found in woodlands and grasslands with a moist climate. They often thrive in areas where the temperature and habitat are warmer, as they do not tend to grow well in frigid climates.

That said, you can usually a magic mushroom or two lying around hot and humid pastures as well as grasslands on a dewy morning.

Most notably, in areas in the United States such as Florida, this type of mushroom species can be found growing in “cow pies” in virtually every season due to its warmer and hospitable climate.

How They Got Popular?


Psilocybin and psilocin mushrooms first gained traction in the 1960s and 70s. During this time, the counter culture movement was in full swing, with many young adults consuming mushrooms for spiritual and healing purposes.

During this cultural phenomenon, peace, love, and art were the western world’s primary focus. These ideals, combined with the use of psychedelic substances such as psilocybin mushrooms, led to the widespread interest in expanding spiritual consciousness and, ultimately, a change in lifestyle towards an anti-consumerism space.

But as the era unfolded, the popularity of these psychedelic substances quickly declined due to the federal government declaring them as a schedule I controlled substance.

That said, today, we see a rebirth of psilocin and psilocybin-containing mushrooms as medical experts and researchers are uncovering more and more about the potential medicinal value of these mushrooms.

Psilocybe Cubensis Effects – Worth Trying?

Psilocybe Cubsensis is a hallucinogenic species of mushrooms with various mind-altering effects that may lead to expanded consciousness and an enhanced sense of self.

Most notably, psilocybin mushrooms are known to provide their users with a spiritual experience that elevates the user to a state of mind where the brain is hyper-connected, allowing different brain regions that generally would not communicate with each other.

This melding of the senses causes many of the visual, auditory, and sensory hallucinations that people under the influence of psychedelics experience.

Not only that, the effects tend to allow a sense of connectivity of thoughts in some, giving rise to new insights about one’s self that is usually described as nothing short of profound.

In British Colombia, the provincial government cleared magic mushrooms for use in legal therapy. Psychedelic-assisted therapy is nothing new. In fact, a study published earlier this year discovered that the effects of magic mushrooms were 4x as effective as traditional antidepressants without any of the negative side effects.


Does this mean that eating a few Golden Teachers will help cure your depression? While shrooms are by no means a replacement for professional therapy, the introspection and spirituality that shrooms can provide in the right setting with the right people can do wonders. Microdosing mushrooms, a practice done by many Silicon Valley developers, could also boost your focus, enhance your creativity, and help make you more productive!

Of course, everybody’s mileage will differ when it comes to psychedelics, but shrooms are worth a try for the reasons listed above alone.

How to Eat Psilocybe Cubensis

If you’re about to enter into the magical world of psychedelics for the first time; we applaud you and caution you to follow our tips for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Like all substances, you need to be sure that the shrooms you’re consuming are sourced from a reliable place. Visiting an online dispensary in Canada will be your best bet – at the very least, it’ll be better than purchasing them off of some shady guy on the street!

Herb Approach has a variety of magic mushroom strains and species on offer and all at incredible prices. They’re premium, trusted, and most importantly of all, safe. Even better is that you can sign up today and get a free $25 voucher to spend on the site! That’s enough to get you 2 grams of some Psilocybe Cubensis and even have a bit left over for weed or weed goodies!


Our second piece of advice is the same tip we give to first-time edible users: start low and go slow. Don’t figuratively and literally bite off more than you can chew. Psychedelic effects are strong, and the effects can be overwhelming at best and panic-inducing at worst. For the best results, we recommend taking a microdose and working your way up from there.

If you don’t have a scale at home to measure out your doses, we recommend using mushroom edibles instead.


These mushroom edibles have 3 grams of Golden Teacher mushrooms per pack and are easily divided into 9 doses of 0.30mg each. 0.30mg is the perfect amount for a beginner microdose, and the sweet taste of the dark chocolate mint will mask any of the unsavoury flowers that may arise from the raw mushrooms, which is a good segue into our third and final tip – make some tea or have some chase!

Whether or not you enjoy mushrooms (the magic or non-magical kind), magic mushrooms have a slightly pungent and difficult taste that may prove challenging for first-time users. One of the reasons why we recommend edibles is because of their ease of dosing, but also because of their flavour-masking effect. If you want to avoid the taste difficult taste of magic mushrooms, the best way is to have something sweet to help you chase it down or make a cup of mushroom tea.

Don’t feel like making your own? Luckily, there are some pre-prepared options ready for time-crunched psychonauts.

This magic mushroom-infused hot chocolate mix has 1 gram of mushrooms per package, so you can choose how hot milk you want to add to create your ideal dose. The fat from the milk helps “activate” the shrooms, meaning you’ll feel the effects even faster than just eating mushrooms on their own!

Key Takeaways on Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybe Cubensis is seeing a resurgence in interest lately. The therapeutic and spiritual benefits that were so highly revered in the past seem to be coming to light once again. Although modern research is highly limited on this subject, psilocybin mushrooms have shown great promise in treating forms of addiction, depression, and providing spiritual relief.

Should you choose to try them on your own terms, it is highly advised that you proceed with caution as consuming high doses may lead to intense hallucinogenic effects that may lead to what is known as a bad trip.

Since the psychedelics effects are so intense with these types of mushrooms, several factors such as environment, state of mind, and personal well-being must be considered before consuming them.

Whatever your purpose for consuming Psilocybe Cubensis is, just make sure that you’re purchasing your magic mushies from a safe and trusted source. You’ll be saving your wallet and yourself a lot of trouble!

And if you’re interested in more information on mushrooms and weed, be sure to check out our main site here!


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