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Primal Herb is dedicated to introducing botanicals and natural food products for a healthy life and body. Their mantra is to inspire and provide a natural path to balance restore and optimize the body. Their products are aimed for well – being, energy and stress management made with ingredients which are grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. All their products are Vegan, 100% natural, GMO-free and gluten-free.

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Top products in Primal Herb

Primal Herb Prepaid He Shou Wu Plus

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Their products range for men’s health, women’s health, skin and hair care, brain support, detox, antioxidant, athletic boost, cholesterol, digestion and many more. Some of their best products are,

Primal Herb Endo Adrenal
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Primal Herb Main He Shou Wu
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Primal Herb Neuro Shroom
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  • Neuro Shroom Extract Powder helps in effective memory and cognitive support. The product contains Lion’s mane, Reishi and cordyceps and has 82 servings.
  • Optimal Immune Extract Powder is made with botanicals and mushrooms which helps in bringing balance to an imbalanced immune system and strengths weak immunity. The pack gives 107 servings.
  • Tranquil Mind Extract Powder contains 5 – HTP, L – Trytophan and ashwagandha which helps in stress and anxiety relief. It helps with lowering symptoms of stress naturally and promotes overall relaxation and tranquillity. This pack gives you 127 servings.

Saving Tips

Pricing of products from Primal Herb are affordable which comes with a guaranteed one-year full refund. If you sign up with them you get exclusive offers and product giveaways. First-time buyers get a 10% off and if you buy 4 or more products you get an additional 5% discount. They offer free shipping on all orders.


Overall PrimalHerb has a wide range of all-natural products for a variety of health needs. The company provides accurate information about their products and ingredients used through videos and article which helps to make a decision about their products. Their products are easily accessible through Amazon too.

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