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Innovative Technology For Maximum Bioavailability

Updated on September 22, 2023

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Ojai Energetics are known for their exemplary values. They work towards building the community standards well aware of the quality of ingredients they use. It is this value that makes them one of the most sought-after brands for hemp-basedproducts. Read on to know more about how they source the best CBD for the benefit of customers and how they ensure thesustainability of the eco-system.

Know more about Ojai Energetics
joyorganicsNormally with CBD oil, it is not well absorbed by the body. It is said 90% of the product is destroyed by the stomachacids before entering the bloodstream and it takes while waiting 30 minutes before any benefits occur. With their IPProtected CBD Delivery Technology which is a colloidal method, water wraps around their cannabinoid-rich hemp oil, andit takes less than 30 seconds for users to feel the benefits. This also shows over 20x improvement in bio-availability. Ojai Energetics does not promise a huge range, offering only 3. You get full-spectrum hemp elixir, CBD Coconut Oil, and CBD sports gel. We were surprised to see the limited range but guess they did not want to compromise on quality and though the choice is few, they have the best.

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Why Choose Ojai Energetics for all your needs?

  • Ojai Energetics range of full-spectrum CBD products which utilizes their water-soluble, full-spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp extract.
  • They use eco-friendly methods like running servers with wind energy and supporting regenerative farming practices.
  • You get the benefits of CBD in 30 seconds. It also increases the amount of CBD with over 20x increase.
  • They use Colorado farm bill compliant hemp flowers which are certified organic and C02 methods to extract the oil.
  • Ojai Energetics uses IP protected technology to give users Full Our Their Hemp Elixir is The Only Water Soluble Full Spectrum CBD that is made without synthetically modified ingredients.
  • All CBD Tinctures Are Batch Tested By 3rd Party Vendors for pesticides, microbes and terpenes.
  • Fastest acting and Most Bioavailable products.

Here are few of their highly-rated products which are loved by users and given great reviews.

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Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir
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Full Spectrum Sport Gel
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Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

This is the only full-spectrum hemp oil that is water-soluble. It is 100% natural and the best part is, users, claim to feel the effects within a minute. It contains powerful superfoods like moringa and acerola cherry. 250mg of this product of CBD is around 20x more bioavailable giving you the same benefits of 5000mg of a full spectrum CBD oil. It is also available in packages of 3 and 6.

CBD Sports Gel

This is fast-acting water encapsulated hemp extract that in combination with some of nature’s most powerful herbs provides you with the best effects ad much faster. There are no synthetics and you feel full relief from pain and stress factors. The Full Spectrum CBD Sports Gel contains some powerful ingredients like Arnica, Calendula, Spilanthes, Ginger, rosemary, and Mint.

Pros & Cons

CBD products by Ojai Energetics are highly soluble and easy to consume. The company operates on a customer oriented business model so all their products come with highest quality standards. Below are some of the primary pros & cons of Ojai Energetics.


  • High quality products
  • Highly effective
  • 100% organic
  • Quickly absorbs in the body
  • Third party testing


  • Less range of products
  • No fixed shipping days, it depends on the place to be shipped.
  • Heavy shipping charges outside US

Saving Tips

You can add coupons available on their website for some good discounts. You can also take monthly, alternate months, or quarterly subscriptions to save 15%. You can also take their pack of 3 or 6 for free shipping (in the US only).

Customer Service

You can contact their customer service desk via email, phone call (hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am – 5 pm PST), or through their social media handles

Shipping Policy

Shipping is fast and the products are dispatched as soon as possible mostly within 2 business days. Shipping varies according to the place within the US and internationally too. You have a 100% Money Back Guarantee Anytime. If you are not satisfied with their products, you can return the unused portion of the product anytime for a full refund which includes reverse shipping costs.

Payment Options

You can get various payment options like a visa, Mastercard, American Express, and credit card. You can choose the one favorable to you.


We give them an overall rating of 4.3/5 stars. It sets huge standards in terms of quality, innovation, and safety. The innovative colloidal technology enables better absorption compared to most CBD brands. We love the fact that they focused on a few path-breaking products rather than offering a flood of mediocre ones. The quality is outstanding, the extraction high-tech and you have third-party testing as well. All the boxes which you consider to rate it a great brand and checked and you can go ahead with them.


How to use CBD coconut oil?
Although it depends on your body type whether you want to ingest it or use it topically. But if you want quicker results then use it topically over the specific area.
How to use CBD full-spectrum hemp elixir oil?
If you want to ingest it take 2-3 drops from the dropper under your tongue. If it tastes sour take a little bit more till the time it tastes sweet. That’s when you hit your sweet spot. And you can take it at any time of the day.
How to use CBD sports gel?
Using CBD sports Gel is very simple. All you have to do is apply it to the infected area and it will give you a much quicker pain and stress relief.

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