Key Points To Remember

When Choosing The Right CBD E-Liquid

Updated on September 22, 2023

With the growing popularity of CBD Oils, there are many questions left unanswered for the consumer. Choosing the right CBD E-liquid is important so you do not end with an inferior product. It’s important that customers are aware of how to choose the right CBD E-liquid so that they can make an informed decision on the same.

Important Points for Choosing CBD E-liquid

Knowing from where the CBD is sourced

Consumers should find out where your CBD is sourced from. We know it’s better said than done. Most of us assume that top CBD companies offer CBD from reliable sources but it’s never too late to check. Some research on finding out where your CBD is sourced from, whether the hemp was cultivated in a clean environment, whether it is devoid of contaminants is very critical. Most good companies provide you that information, if not, it’s best you move to a reliable brand.

Extraction method of the Liquid

Ensure that CBD is extracted by a natural method called CO2 extraction which ensures the end product is weeded off any inferior by-products. There are a lot of other methods of extraction of CBD from hemp, but CO2 extraction is considered the best method and ‘clean’. It ensures that the nutritional value of the CBD remains intact.


Since medical cannabis is in the grey zone, there are many who enter the business with a lack of quality business practices, transparency about the products, and lack of integrity. Some companies boast of superfood cannabis but do not keep you informed if they meet the required dosage in their products. Look for products that are sourced, produced, and sold legally with high health benefits.


CBD‘s have both medicinal and aesthetic appeal. Not all of us look for just the medical benefits of vaping. Many of us do love aesthetic enjoyment too. So for all who love the recreational benefits of vaping lookout for the following properties.

Smell – Without the flavors, e-liquids have an almost indistinguishable smell. So if your e-liquid has a fragrance different from what’s mentioned, it’s time to discard it and go for a reliable one/
Flavour- Again, basically CBD e-liquids are tasteless. Do you notice a pungent or different taste? It means something’s wrong with your batch.

Easy on you – Your e-liquid should hit you smoothly. A high-quality e-liquid will be smoother than a low-quality one.


There have been instances of companies claiming to have CBD which when tested in laboratories had no traces of CBD in them. Not much is known about how much actually enters the body and the central nervous system as topical and ingestion are known to have lower levels of absorption.

Enhanced bioavailability of CBD products is paramount. And it should be done without any synthetic products. Many companies which engage in optimization efforts use artificial chemicals. Currently, most companies publish the mg dosage of CBD rather than the strength of their actual active CBD.

Look for companies that offer around 4 parts CBD to 1 part THC for maximum absorption and benefits.
Hence it’s important that consumers choose the right CBD e-liquids for vaping and do not fall prey to false marketing and ethics. Remember the above points the next time you choose your CBD e-liquid.

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