Joy Organics CBD Energy Focus Drink Mix Review+ Site wide 10% Off Exclusive Discount Code

Are you tired of looking for the right energy drink? If you are someone who feels zapped despite your energy drink and feels it is time for a change, this new product from Joy Organics might be the right one for you. Joy Organics are very careful to ensure their product is the right one for all users who wish to gain that extra boost when they work out. Joy Organics has stepped up to create CBD products that actually achieve desired results. Here’s a review of Joy Organics CBD Energy + Focus energy packs and if they really live up to their name.

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What is the Joy Organics CBD Energy + Focus energy pack?

Joy Organics CBD Energy Focus

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The drink, which is called the CBD Energy + Focus Energy Drink and Recovery Mix, the new beverage is said to be ideal for all workout recovery. This is available in packet form and it contains 75mg of caffeine to help users improve focus and their mental clarity.

The CBD Energy + Focus Drink contains a heady mix of amino acids and vitamins. It contains full-spectrum zero-THC water-soluble powder besides and 40 naturally present terpenes. It is said to be the first energy drink with officially zero THC.

What are the benefits of this Drink?

With this CBD Energy + Focus Drink, you can experience the difference between regular CBD based products with negligible CBD drink. THC-free CBD products help athletes who are training to get a little more energy than regular CBD products.

Reduces Inflammation

It helps increase mobility by fighting inflammation. Just enjoy an energy pack before a workout to fight any signs of fatigue or pain.

Removes THC Allergies

For people who suffer from cannabis allergies, or who experience  THC sensitiveness, it is important to provide a product that could help them, and could still benefit from the array of other cannabinoids in their products.

Increased Flexibility and energy

Aids in any recovery from injury! Helps improve flexibility and causes your energy levels to skyrocket. You can begin each workout with less pain and you’ll be able to go faster for longer.

Joy Organics products are THC-free, organic, and gluten-free and do not contain pesticides, and are non-GMO.

The product is available in different denominations so you can choose according to your requirement and budget.

Boosts Mood

One of the things people say after enjoying this energy drink is they feel happier and in a better mood which enhances their performance.

It helps athletes in other ways including assistance in weight loss efforts, insulin control, as well as cortisol reduction.

  • Other benefits include Muscle relaxation for athletes
  • Joint pain recovery
  • Increased endurance
  • Benefits of 40+ different terpenes

What Makes this Energy Pack Unique?

  • There are many who experience the side effects of even negligible THC which are found in almost every CBD product. Joy Organics is the first to offer the benefits of a full spectrum product without any associated risks of THC.
  • Rather than settling for isolates, where you might miss out on the full spectrum benefits provided by a range of cannabinoids and terpenes, these products are full-spectrum and contain all provided in the proprietary strain of hemp.
  • Since it is full-spectrum, you will experience the synergistic impact of all the compounds present in the drink.
  • It contains NIL THC. It means that they will not show up in a blood test and athletes can use them with confidence.
  • Besides, it is fully grown in the USA. Hence you can find out for yourself about their rigorous farming practices and this ensures their energy packs are high quality.

What are the ingredients in the Energy Pack?

CBD Energy + Focus drink combines cannabidiol and other minor phytocannabinoids and terpenes! Along with caffeine, it also contains amino acids and a range of vitamins. Let’s look at them in detail:

  • Water Soluble CBD: It contains water-soluble CBD. This makes it easy to deliver phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil quickly when it is mixed with water.
  • Natural Flavor: Happy Berry flavor
  • Caffeine: 75mg of caffeine gives you the much-needed energy boost as an athlete before after you exercise.
  • Vitamins and Amino Acids: There is an array of vitamins and amino acids present which supports greater performance and aids in faster recovery. This is beneficial in athletic pursuits and it supports their overall health as well.

What are the different packs available?

Joy Organics is offering the new CBD Energy + Focus Drink Mix through its website in the following options.

  • $19.75 for five packets
  • $35 for ten packets
  • $60 for 20 packets
  • $3.95 for Individual

How can you use this product?

These energy packs easy to use and can be consumed in a jiffy. Just mix a packet with 12 to 24 ounces of water which is cold or at room temperature and shake well. Drink before, during, or after your workout or whenever you feel the need for improved energy and focus.

Initial reactions from customers

Initial reactions from users have been extremely positive and they have experienced a lot of good effects. Most of them reported higher energy levels for workouts and better performance. Those with THC allergies are extremely happy to be able to benefit from this.


Joy Organics ships CBD Energy + Focus energy packs absolutely free of cost anywhere in the US. Shipping is available in Canada and the USA.


Joy Organics energy pack contains the purest and most bio-available full-spectrum CBD in the market. This drink which has been formulated to be quickly absorbed is much better than any product out there in the market with its zero THC.

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