Is CBD Legal In Canada?

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Updated on November 30, 2023

CBD has become a bit of a household name recently. CBD and cannabis are 2 sides of the same coin. With more and more people using cannabis for its medicinal benefits, people are beginning to wonder if CBD and CBD Oil products such as Phoenix tears are effective, legal medicines in Canada.

Is it legal in Canada? Let’s begin with a short introduction to the history of cannabidiol and cannabis legislation in Canada and worldwide.

How is CBD regulated in Canada?
The acidic form of Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that is found naturally in cannabis plants. Only when this acidic form undergoes heat, it converts from its acidic form CBDA to CBD. It is known from several clinical studies, that CBD offers therapeutics effects on the human body. Under the new Cannabis Act established on October 17, 2018, all major cannabis products including phytocannabinoids such as CBD and THC, are strictly regulated by the Government of Canada and are legal in Canada.
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Internationally, under United Nations legislation, CBD is considered to be a controlled substance. Similarly, like other jurisdictions, CBD is a controlled substance in Canada as well. Before the Cannabis Act was developed, CBD was regulated under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and was strictly controlled.

During this time, it was illegal to produce, sell, import, and export CBD unless given permission for medical or research purposes. Now, under the Cannabis Act, rules and regulations have become less strict as long as it’s compliant with the Act. Depending on the Canadian province you reside in, there are different regulations and rules around how CBD products are sold, where the dispensaries are located, and how they are operated.

Is CBD legal to sell?

In order to legally sell CBD products in Canada, you must have a processing license. In addition, there is a set of criteria that need to be met in compliance with Health Canada. Firstly, CBD products such as CBD oil can be sold only at a provincially regulated cannabis retailer such as the online Ontario Cannabis Store. CBD can also be sold in a federally licensed retail store for medical purposes as well.

Can CBD be shipped to Canada?

CBD is currently regulated under the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 as amended by the 1972 Protocol. Under this convention, CBD can only be imported and exported under very strict rules. The criteria are as follows and will be permitted if:

  • The person holds a license under the Cannabis Regulations
  • There is an import/export permit issued by Health Canada for the particular shipment
  • The products are only for scientific or medical use and meet international requirements.

Only if the above criteria(s) are met, will the cannabis producer be able to import and export products of cannabis without being penalized.

Do you need a prescription for legal CBD in Canada?


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CBD is legal for purchase and consumption in Canada. However, depending on the purpose and use of CBD products, it is highly regulated by the government. In addition, the government of Canada has an established list called “Prescription Drug List,” which consists of all the medicinal ingredients that require a prescription. If you intend on producing and selling CBD products that claim to have health benefits, it needs to be approved first by the

Food and Drug Regulations.
You don’t need a prescription to purchase CBD in Canada. If you’re interested, you can either over to your local dispensary or purchase CBD Oil from an online Canada weed dispensary.

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Does CBD oil show up on a drug test in Canada?

Is CBD legal in Canada? Yes, but testing for cannabis consumption is a tricky subject. Current drug tests only screen for the psychoactive compound of cannabis, otherwise known as THC. Pure CBD is unable to get you high and is not tested for any conventional drug test.

As a component of cannabis, CBD’s regularly found in marijuana. That being said, CBD used for the production of CBD products is sourced directly from hemp, which has virtually 0% THC.

Is CBD oil legal in Canada? Depending on the kind of test, different kinds of detection markers can be used. In America, governing bodies are known as the National Institute of Health and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has stated that a drug test is failed if the concentration of THC in the body is greater than 50 ng/mL.

A blood CBD drug test checks for a 15 mg/mL amount of THC and is regularly used to detect short-term and recent use of cannabis ranging from hours to days. A hair follicle test detects an even more minute amount of THC within the body at 0.10 pg/mL and is typically used to detect cannabis use for weeks to months.

When cannabis compounds are isolated during the production process, very small amounts of THC present in the hemp or source material may contaminate the final product with THC. However, such minimal amounts of THC will virtually never cause you to fail a drug test, but caution should still be taken if you have an upcoming drug test. Consult with a doctor or practitioner about halting cannabidiol consumption a month before your test to be extra cautious.

Final Takeaways

The short answer to whether or not cannabidiol is legal is a resounding “yes.” If you’re interested in using the substance for improving the functions of the mind and of the body, then visiting any regulated cannabis store in most towns and cities throughout Canada should offer you a wide variety.

For increased convenience, you can also purchase cannabidiol products and buy weed online from an online Canada weed dispensary. Interested in more information? Check out Couponx Blog for more info!

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