Infinite CBD Uses Nanotechnology In New Line Of NANO CBD Products

Infinite CBD’s new line of Nano CBD is available now and you can expect more from Cannabidiol for all types of benefits with this new line. Infinite CBD is known for the path-breaking changes they bought about in the field of CBD with some innovative CBD nutrients. Their products allow the body to absorb more CBD with the consumption of CBD microscopic molecules.

NANO CBD offers microscopic CBD particles for higher absorption and efficacy. According to the owner, Stephen Ryan,” We often hear CBD isn’t effective without a full-spectrum oil. This is far from the truth.” He further states that their new line of NANO CBD products offer maximum benefits and cater to the needs of the consumer. The NANO CBD products offer higher bioavailability, offer small doses and serving sizes, and is water-soluble so the endocannabinoid system can get more out of the consumption.

How do the Infinite CBD NANO Products work?

They utilize the CBD molecules which are 50 to 100 nanometers in size. This amounts to a size smaller than 1000 times that any regular CBD molecule. The smaller molecules like NANO CBD offer a higher rate of absorption and efficacy as the human body can absorb nutrients only up to a certain size. So with this startling revelation, we wonder how the body uses the full potential of regular CBD products.

The bad news is, it doesn’t; at least to full capacity. That’s why Infinite CBD thinks this line of Nano CBD products will do you a world of good! By reducing the size of a CBD molecule to less than 100 nanometers, the CBD products can be absorbed more efficiently and effectively thereby facilitating greater medical benefits. Also, CBD being an oil, it creates poor solubility in the body. NANO CBD mixes completely with any substance making it easier for the body to benefit with increased absorption.

About the company

Infinite CBD is based out of Lakewood, CO. Their products contain 99% CBD and are shipped to most states in the USA. The CBD products offer alternatives to medication and help relieve pain, anxiety, and relief from many other illnesses.

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