How CBD Can Replace Opioids?

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Updated on September 22, 2023

A recent survey of more than 1,450 CBD consumers revealed that most use CBD to treat chronic pain, and 84% believe CBD is an effective replacement for opioids.

Chronic pain management is a well-known challenge for psychiatrists, addiction specialists, and even the person taking it, as it’s a matter of time to get addicted to them. This is where the use of CBD has made a breakthrough as an alternate non-addictive way of treatment for chronic pain and an effective replacement for escalating doses of opioids.

Cannabidiol ( CBD) found in cannabis has been shown by multiple studies to be effective at relieving pain. In fact, a recent study found that CBD can scale back the cravings and anxiety that are associated with opioid addiction. In fact, opioids or alternative pain relief chemical pills taken for chronic pain have major side effects other than getting addicted, while the side effects associated with CBD’s use are far in-between and less extreme.

In a recent study conducted by about 84% of CBD consumers believe the cannabinoid is an effective alternative to opioids. The majority of respondents in the study were regular CBD consumers, non-regular users represented about one-third of respondents.

Overall the study surveyed 1,453 consumers who reported using CBD as a pain relief treatment. The study showed,

  • 97% of respondents reported using fewer opioids after using CBD.
  • 53% of respondents said that CBD had become their only source of pain relief.
  • 57% said they were using fewer opioids.
  • 40% said they had stopped their opioid use altogether.

During the study, the most common CBD administration method was Vaping, topical application, tinctures/oil, CBD in edible form, capsules, and lastly sublingual. None of the participants used THC for pain relief.

Out of all the people who participated in the study 84% believe CBD can replace opioids. Their major takeaway for replacing opioid with CBD is:

  • CBD is not-addictive.
  • CBD has fewer and less dangerous side effects.

Even though the study shows how people are turning towards CBD as an effective alternative for opioids the Federal Regulators are still skeptical about the use of CBD and yet to give a nod. Even after so many studies showing positive results, while a few stating otherwise, there are still more studies to be conducted for it to be enough.

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