Hemp In Space

Hemp Sent To International Space Station By Space Tango

Updated on September 22, 2023

Can you imagine hemp making its way to space? This is going to be a reality soon and not a fantasy as thanks to some partnerships, the crop is going to be sent to space for the effects of microgravity on it.

Space Tango, a start-up based in Kentucky, wished to harvest hemp in space. If you are surprised, here’s what the co-founder and Chairman Kris Kimel have to say about it.

According to him, “We’re primarily interested in looking at how biomedical systems operate and change when removed from the gravity well of earth.”He wants to study how the quality of the crop would be without the influence of gravity. His goal is to offer a unique variety of CBDs to the general public if he manages to improvise on the medicinal properties of CBD in the space frontier.

Space Tango is partnering with Anavii Market which is an online marketplace that improves the quality reliability of the industry.

Growing Hemp in Space – How the Idea Germinated
Kimel with his prior experience in Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC), which is where this idea lit up in his brain as he wanted to find out more on microgravity and its effects. He moved to Space Tango and after nearly a decade of research, they still knew very little on growing plants in a gravity stress-free environment.

Kimel and his team know they will face big challenges since biological systems like cells become scrambled when grown without gravity. However, the effects on hemp when grown in microgravity are to be seen to pave the way for new pathways and new understandings unlike any we have seen on Earth.

Space Tango said its scientists and those of partner companies will conduct plant biology experiments on hemp in the space station’s microgravity environment, where the elements of the matter often react quite differently than they do on Earth.

Kimel states, “We’ll see what happens when we take hemp out of the physics and atmosphere of Earth,” and Space Tango thus decided to conduct plant biology experiments on hemp in the space station’s microgravity environment.

What is the Future of Hemp in Space?

If things go as planned and hemp does give you more benefits in microgravity, CBD products will be distributed by Space Tango to both the public and the medical industry. There are some initial hitches in terms of legal issues, however, Space Tango is all committed to taking forward these experiments successfully.

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