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Updated on September 22, 2023

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With the awareness of CBD, the demand for CBD and its product is rapidly increasing. More and more consumers and retailers are interested in buying cannabis seeds. If you are looking for good quality cannabis seeds, Growers Choice Seeds is top on the list. Growers Choice Seeds are California based cannabis seeds company working for natural health and wellness. With 20 years of experience with having a team of horticulture and medical experts, they are providing lab-tested and fully feminized cannabis seeds.

Know more about Growers Choice Seeds

Before buying any product, it is essential to know about the product in detail

It is a trusted international cannabis seeds company. They are stocking a variety of seeds that helps in producing premium cannabis strains. They are supporting a diverse community of growers by offering the finest genetics. They are also claiming the highest germination guarantee in the industry

The key highlights of the company are:

  • Premium cannabis strains
  • 100% fresh cannabis seeds
  • Seeds are packed and sealed in medical-grade grass vials for extra freshness.
  • Market leader in the industry.
  • Handpicked, inspected, and tested seeds

Here are the top-selling products

There are a variety of seeds available ranging from Auto Flowering seeds, Feminized Seeds to High-quality medical CBD seeds. The best products are:

Afghan Auto Flowering Seeds

Afghan Auto Flowering Seeds

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Combined with the benefits of ruderalis strains, it is Indica dominant breed hailing. This strain formula is based in Russia which brings better quality. It has the ability to grow flowers itself. The product not only delivers higher quality but is also rich in cannabinoids making it perfect for calming your anxiety. Right now, the product is on sale. The price of 3 seeds is just $45.

Sour Kush Feminized Seeds

Sour Kush Feminized Seeds

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This product is a classic blend of high-quality kush and sour diesel making it the sour kush auto-flowering CBD seed. It provides the consumer with balanced effects. Consuming this product will provide you with relaxation, a better mood, and also pain relief. It comes with many benefits and is also known as Creeper Strain. It started working slowly and gradually. After growing, it provides easy inexperience and uplifts the user’s mood.

CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized seeds

CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized seeds

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It helps you provide the taste of real blueberry. The health benefits of these seeds are many. It improves sleep, relief from pain, improves attention, etc. The effects of these seeds are overpowering. Growers’ choice delivers good quality feminized seeds that are easy to consume. If you are facing sleeping issues, consuming this seed will greatly improve your sleeping patterns.

Acapulco Gold Feminized Seed

Acapulco Gold Feminized Seed

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Another great strain-based seed manufactured by Grower’s choice. The Acapulco Gold is derived from a Sativa-dominant strain. Which enables it to boost your mood and deliver extra energy. It also makes you feel euphoric and cheerful. It comes with 20 Indica and 80% Sativa, which makes it best for starting. The Acapulco Gold will change your mood within minutes.

Candy Kush Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds

Candy Kush Auto Flowering Feminized SeedsCandy Kush Auto Flowering Feminized Seeds

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The Candy Kush is coupled with relaxing ingredients like deep indica & auto-flowering cannabis seeds. It is fairly easy to consume due to its light nature. The seed has characteristics that can ease inflammation and prove beneficial for chronic pain. Taking one seed a day can also improve conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Pros & Cons

Before choosing any product, one should be aware of its pros and cons. Below are some of the pros and cons of Grower’s Choice:


  • Fast and simple seed delivery
  • Multiple options available for purchasing the seeds
  • Premium quality seeds
  • Providing a variety of stock to support the need of the diverse consumer
  • Five different types of strains available especially for marijuana and medical cannabis customers
  • 90% germination guarantee with seed replaceable assurance
  • Stealth option available outside the US
  • Fully feminized and lab-tested cannabis seeds
  • Worldwide shipping available.


  • For retailers, prices seem to be high
  • Not many types of strains available
  • Free delivery available only on orders above $200
  • For US customers, the stealth option is not free of cost.

Customer Service

They value their customer as they understand happy and satisfied customers are the base of success. They are offering different methods for reaching the customer like e-mail, phone, and social media pages. They are publishing a newsletter for customer education and awareness about CBD product’s uses and their health benefits. These blogs show the different benefits of cannabis seeds. Overall, they are working to create a happy and healthy customer.

Shipping Policy

Before shipping, seeds are packed and sealed in a medical glass vial for maximum freshness. They are offering worldwide shipping with a stealth option available. They are charging different delivery fees according to the place of delivery. For US consumers, they are charging nearly about $9.95 with seven to ten days delivery time whereas, for Canadian customers, they are charging nearly about $14.95 with seven to fourteen days delivery time. For customers living outside the US and Canada like Europe, Australia, etc. They are charging $30 delivery fees with the seven to twenty-five days delivery time. For orders above $200, the delivery is free. The displayed information on the packaging is done discreetly means only minimal information is written that is required for delivery.

Payment options

There are different types of payment options available such as Visa and MasterCard both debit and credit card options, mail payment also available. Apart from that, one can buy through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Our Take

Growers Choice Seeds is offering premium quality cannabis seeds with 40 different types of strains. Though the strain is not many, they are still covering a variety of wholesalers and retailers. They are also claiming 90% germination quality if following the instructions provided by them. If the seed didn’t germinate, they are also providing a replacement guarantee. This proves that the company has faith in its product.
The good thing is they are providing many options to buy the seeds and delivering outside the US and Canada where many companies may not deliver outside the US. Overall, the company has proven its image by working with a team of medical and horticulture experts for twenty years.


How many types of strains are available?
There are 40 types of different strains available plus five different strains, especially for growing medical cannabis seeds.
Is the cannabis seeds quality suffering during the delivery process?
No, the quality does not suffer. As seeds are packed in medical vile glass for 100% freshness. When you get the product, it is completely good and fresh.
How is Growers Choice Seeds different from other companies?
They are an established and renowned company that promises to deliver fresh seeds with a 90% termination rate by following their guidelines. Most of the companies do not back any such promises.
Where do the seeds grow?
We are growing at different places with the help of in-house breeders. The places are Europe, Canada, and the USA.
How much is the lifeline of the seeds?
The seeds may last up to two years if you are storing the seeds in a dark and cool place in a sealed container.

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