ForiaWellness Review – Premium CBD Products By Foria

If you use CBD products you are probably well aware of all the type of products there are to offer to help a person get relief from pain, keeping the mind and body calm and relaxed, and help with beauty. With the ever-growing use of these CBD products, it’s clear that our body craves relief, which sometimes traditional medicines fail to deliver. Having said that aren’t many CBD products can also be used to enhance pleasure in one’s sexual life, or there are and you are not yet aware of. Let’s introduce you to the company which delivers products emphasising on improving sexual health.

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ForiaWellness is the only company in the CBD industry which creates products for health and sexual wellness. It has a wide range of products for intimacy, relief, and optimal well-being for women. The company started with just one product Foria Pleasure which was their most selling product which is a premier cannabis arousal lube which helps heighten sensation and pleasure while diminishing discomfort in women. But as the product contained THC which is illegal in many parts of the country it was only available for purchase in California and Colorado. Looking at the overwhelmingly positive response to their only product inspired Foria to develop a line of CBD products to be sold across the country.

Now the company has a created more products keeping their focus on sexual intimacy, relief from pain, and general wellness. All of their products are made from locally grown hemp and designed especially for your boys to renew and feel comfortable. The current list of products you can buy online are oils, lubricants, topicals, suppositories and CBD Vapes.

Here are few of their highly-rated products which are loved by users and given great reviews.

Awaken Arousal Oil
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Foria Capsules
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Awaken Arousal Oil

Awaken Arousal Oil is an intimate massage oil consisting Broad Spectrum CBD and synergistic botanical and aromatic oils. It has all-natural and organic coconut MCT oil. It is only to be used for topical use as an intimate massage oil. It’s edible, vegan and gluten-free. One bottle serves 30-50 servings. You can purchase this for $48.00.

Intimacy Suppositories

Intimacy Suppositories are designed to help ease tension and elevate erotic enjoyment with soothing and activating effects. Made from sun-grown USA hemp and 100% organic and fair trade cocoa butter. It comes in a tablet form to be inserted. You can purchase this for $20.00

Intimacy Lubricant

Intimacy Lubricant is an oil-based lubricant which enhances intimacy with soothing and activating effects of CBD delivered directly to intimate areas. Made with organic certified MCT coconut oil and broad-spectrum hemp extract. It’s designed to use for topical use. It is priced at $50.00.

Basic Suppositories

Basic Suppositories are tablets to formulate relief during the menstrual period or for local muscular relaxation and inflammation relief. A packet as 8 suppositories which contain Broad Spectrum CBD and 100% organic and fair trade cocoa butter. It is priced at $72.00.

Basic Tonic

Basic Tonic to help you unwind, brighten your outlook and support overall wellness with the help of Broad Spectrum CBD and organic MCT coconut oil. You get 30+ servings per bottle which are priced at $58.00.

Foria Wellness is full of savings. Every time you purchase any of their products be ready to save a few dollars. It has one of the best savings opportunities for all its customers which makes it stand out. Here is how you can save while purchasing Foria Wellness products.

Foria Wellness offers all its products in bundles. Whether you are planning to buy their intimacy products or wellness products bundle them up and save up to 30%.

Saving Tips

  • You can also choose to subscribe and save on their product range. You can save 10% on your first purchase itself.
  • Join the Foria Rewards as a member earn exclusive rewards every time you shop. Redeem points for exclusive discounts. Once you become a member get 50 points for joining, and 1 point for every $ spent.
  • Their reward club gets interesting with more offers and discounts as you keep earning more points.

Customer Service

Foria offers a 14 -day customer satisfaction guarantee on initial purchases. You can contact them via email with the 14-day time frame for returns. You can also claim for damaged products within 72 hours of receipt.

Shipping Policy

Their shipping policy differs for within the US, outside the US and other US territories. They offer,

  • Standard Shipping which is free for all orders over $50.
  • Expedited Shipping where customers pay shipping based on the weight of the package.
  • Express Shipping where customers pay shipping based on the weight of the package.

Foria has a dedicated FAQ page which has covered extensive details of all its products you may have. Further, you can contact their customer service team via email or submitting a request.

Now that you are aware of all the amazing products Foria Wellness has to offer here is a look at their pros and cons,


  • Women-centric CBD products.
  • Locally grown Hemp.
  • Free shipping on orders above $50.
  • Lots of options to save on products.


  • The product line is small


Foria is of the best brands on the market for women focus products like CBD infused suppositories and arousal oil. It’s a company focused on delivering only the best of products, and saving options on each of their products. As they are a customer-focused company they offer open for communication with their customer support team.

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