Find Your Dose ‘Sweet Spot’

With CBD Microdosing

Updated on 2023

For those who are not familiar with CBD, it’s not easy to find the ‘sweet spot’, which is the amount of CBD which gives you the exact results you are looking for! We all know that CBD can be consumed for your overall wellness and for giving your body’s endocannabinoid system a complete boost or even for a cure for chronic pain. No matter what, it’s important to find the sweet spot which varies from person to person.
There is no optimal guide to find your CBD dose, expect to try it yourself. However, it’s best to start from a minimum as many CBD users suffer adverse effects as a result of higher doses which need to be reduced. When it comes to CBD usage, the adage ‘Less is more’ is usually right. Here are the advantages of using a lower dose of CBD for your benefits
Advantages of Low Doses of CBD
  • It’s a lot cheaper and effective than larger doses.
  • In the case of therapeutic usage, too much CBD can actually aggravate symptoms.
  • Low doses make you relaxed while higher doses are known to be associated with induced anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Lower doses allow your body to maintain a balance and you don’t risk increasing your cannabinoid receptors.

What is Microdosing your CBD?

Now that you have learned the advantages of reduced CBD usage, here’s how you test your sweet spot. Finding your ‘sweet spot’ dose is commonly by a method called micro-dosing. This method involves taking very small amounts of CBD on a regular basis. With Microdosing, people are said to be getting maximum benefits without any adverse effects of being stoned.

Here’s how you microdose your CBD to find your ‘sweet spot.’

Initially abstain from cannabis for a couple of days to reset your system.

  • One day, before consuming, ask yourself a few basic questions. Like how easy is it to breathe how easy it is to feel content and smile authentically and how comfortable and calm do you feel? Now consume one drop of CBD oil by placing it under your tongue. This should roughly measure up to 1 mg.
  • Wait for up to 45 minutes before asking yourself the same questions again. If you feel no change, it’s time to increase your dosage slightly.
  • Repeat the process over the next few days, asking yourself the same questions as you increase the dosage by a drop each time.
  • Finally, you will reach a point where you feel a difference after consuming (for the better), this is the ‘sweet spot’ and the right dosage for you.

Even at this point, you can experiment by raising the dose drop by drop until you see no further benefits from a higher dose and this gives you your therapeutic range.

Health Benefits After Microdosing

  • By following the above, many users found they were doing well with half the dosage they usually consumed.
  • For those smoking, they were protecting their lungs with a lower dosage.
  • It helped maintain cannabinoid balance.
  • Overall the benefits of Microdosing CBD oil are far greater than you imagine and it is best for your well being.

Users need to be aware that different brands have different potencies of CBD. In such cases, the time to find your ‘sweet spot’ varies. Since most products do not give you the potency, you can call their customer service to find out.
Keep researching and don’t give up in your quest for the optimal dose for long-term benefits.

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