CBD Sodas Sales Are Growing

Find Out Why

Updated on February 2021

The craze for CBD is rising exponentially. The products have caught the imagination of the people and this has made them much loved. One company to jump into the CBD bandwagon is California-based Sprig. This company has entered the CBD market and created a line of CBD sparkling sodas. They make CBD-infused beverages and these are now a rage. They are sold at retail shops in almost 9 states. Sprig, a premier company, launched in 2015 Citrus original and citrus zero sugar sodas. These had THC in them and they won awards for their amazing product line.
The important features of Sprig Sodas are:
  • It contains 10 mg of THC per can
  • Can only be purchased from licensed retailers
  • Consumers have to be legally over 21

The success of the THC sodas made them think of CBD sodas. CBD is non-psychoactive and does not cause a high. With CBD entering smoothies, beer, and even sparkling water, they felt they could take the plunge to offer CBD sodas.

It is meant to offer benefits like:

  • Relaxation
  • Reduced stress
  • Healthier alternative
  • Mood-boosting
  • Filling wholesome drink
  • Enrich taste buds with flavors

This has led to Sprig introducing CBD products in the soda range. It has introduced four soda flavors in Summer 2018. They are

  • Citrus zero sugar
  • Melon zero sugar
  • Sparkling lemon tea zero sugar
  • Citrus original

All flavors have 20 mg of CB. While citrus zero sugar, melon zero sugar, and sparkling lemon tea zero sugar are Stevia sweetened, Citrus original has cane sugar.

According to Lisi Willner, VP of Spring, the taste is what people love the most about our sodas. Most edibles taste like weed but Sprig is different. Our CBD soda lets people get the immense benefits of cannabis or CBD without getting high.

Market Growth

Since the launch in July, it has expanded to nine states of the United States of America. They include New York, Florida, California, Nevada, Illinois, Washington, Vermont, Texas, and Pennsylvania. They can be purchased in packs of 12 online and shipped nationwide. Michael Lewis who is the CEO said that the sales had risen beyond their expectations. Though they planned for a slower rollout, due to high demand, they had to produce more. The fact that they sell high-quality, trustworthy CBD beverages makes them a brand that is number one in the field. All this proves how CBD is rising and how effectively using this natural solution will be the solution to most ailments.

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