Latest News : CBD Plus USA – The Latest CBD Store On Volunteer Parkway

CBD is rising and growing phenomenally. CBD is finding fame as a natural wellness solution for many disorders like anxiety, depression, and pain. It does not have many side effects as compared to pharmaceutical drugs. CBD is THC free and does not let one become high. A new store that sells natural supplements like CBD was recently opened on the Volunteer Parkway. It is supposed to help with a number of ailments. The store in question is CBD Plus USA which has recently opened its third store in the Tri-Cities this year. It now has stores in Kingsport, Johnson City, and 508 Volunteer Parkway.

In the store, you will find-

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD infused gummies
  • CBD coffee
  • CBD tea
  • CBD lotions
  • CBD flowers
  • CBD for pets
CBD Oil CBD Plus USA CBD Plus Cani Bits

Zachary Cottongim who is the regional sales director said that they saw the need for something different at the Tri-Cities. They hope their products will provide natural relief from pain to those suffering from it.

CBD Plus is a franchise based in Oklahoma. It came into existence in February and is expanding rapidly. They have another store under construction in Elizabethton. He mentioned that the response has been wonderful and incredible. The relief that CBD provides is almost magical but one cannot see overnight results. It is potent but obviously not a miracle drug. One has to build it in the system before you see any tangible results. Almost all products that are sold at the store are from Colorado Cures.

  • Colorado Cures is a company that sells high-quality CBD products.
  • All products are third-party lab tested
  • All are legal under state law
  • All products come with an ingredient list

Though CBD is legal by state, CBD oil is still a Schedule 1 substance by the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency. The Food and Drug Administration, earlier this year, approved an epilepsy drug that had pure CBD oil or cannabidiol. The DEA also rescheduled the drug as Schedule V from September as per an agency statement.

Variety Found at Store

There are three tiers of products as offered at the store. 

  • The first tier is of only CBD Oil.
  • The second is all the products that have compounds found in the marijuana plant leaving THC.
  • The last tier is all those that have a small amount of THC.

The Prices vary from $12.99 to $199.99

They have expert staff that helps customers choose which products are best depending upon situation and condition. They are happy to help anyone who has questions regarding CBD and how to use them for best benefits.

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