Carl’s Jr. introduces CBD Burger on 4/20 at Denver location

It is very common to see CBD based brands jump the 4/20 bandwagon and come up with innovative releases on weed-themed products to honor the unofficial cannabis holiday. ANd this year, just got bigger and better. Carl’s Jr. became the first major fast food chain in the country which released a CBD-infused food product on 4/20.

The burger chain recently announced that it will sell a brand new CBD-infused burger this Saturday only.

Hail the new fad in the world of fast food – Introducing the Rocky Mountain High CBD Burger!

The new burger is a CheeseBurger Delight. It is yummilicious according to reports and includes two beef patties which are topped with some of the best toppings out there. Indulge in this juicy burger with pickled jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, French fries, and CBD-infused Santa Fe Sauce. As a starting measure, this specialty burger is sold at the Carl’s Jr. located at 4050 Colorado Blvd., in Denver, Colorado. It has started selling the CBD burger at 6 a.m. this Saturday in April. And guess what? It’s sold for a price of – right, $4.20!

Folks expecting to get high, remember it’s selling only a CBD burger with no THC content. However, the special sauce contains CBD which will give you the therapeutic benefits the cannabinoid is known for. Full spectrum CBD helps to counteract and mellow out some of the psychoactive effects of THC. When consumed alone, CBD-infused products like Carl’s Jr. reportedly provides a number of health and therapeutic benefits. The benefits of CBD include the following: pain relief, relief from inflammation, cancer, epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression. A huge list this with amazing benefits without the high of THC.

Is this Carl’s Jr. burger the next big thing on the menu?

Carl’s Jr. will be paying attention to how well the CBD burger performs this weekend. If the burger is hugely popular as they anticipate, they will soon be rolling out a new sandwich as a regular menu item. Being a CBD based product, they will have to give in to certain regulations, however! But with the legalization of CBD with the Farm Bill, and CBD rapidly moving into the mainstream, CBD products tend to be easier to move onto the market than products containing THC. This is a breakthrough since it’s a first for a big company to roll-out cannabis-based products on April 20. Earlier, many small companies had a tradition to release weed-themed goods this time of year. Even Nike has come up with an innovative limited edition 420 sneaker. As always we are seeing more and more companies at the crossroads take a leap and plunge into the world of CBD as customers increasingly understand its benefits.

Hoping to see more of such products for those customers who claim it benefits them and is life-changing. CBD making its way into the mainstream requires no further proof and with big giants like Carl’s Jr. stepping in, it’s only bound to get better.

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