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Robert Bergman who describes himself as a grower in and around Amsterdam started off simple and gradually progressed to industrial-scale indoor growing. 20 years later he is more of an expert on how to optimize yields, bud quality, and successfully produce the best quality marijuana. He has an ‘I Love Growing Marijuana’ business and with the Bergman’s Lab, you can become an expert like him in no time!

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Marijuana Growing: Course or book, which is better?

Experts wouldn’t find it too difficult to just Google for the latest tips, and plant away after buying some seeds. However for amateurs, which is going to help you more-a book or a course?

Here’s what is right – whether it’s a book or a course, it should be updated with information on the latest technology used in marijuana growing.

Select a course or book which keeps things simple for you, and gets you through your first growth successfully. A book or course which teaches beyond the basics is even better and here’s where Bergman’s course stands out.

What is offered in the Bergman’s Lab?

From Seed to Flower

Join Bergman’s Lab today and start saving money on dispensaries

This is an online course, so you can access it from anywhere and complete privacy is guaranteed. The course will teach you to grow marijuana in a fool-proof way with no chances of failure due to their detailed instructions. You get a day to day photos and can ask a grow expert for guidance. The course is a legal and risk-free try-out at the Bergman’s Lab.

What learning style does Bergman’s Lab follow?

Bergman’s style can just about suit any type of learner.

However, visual learners can learn a lot more from this step-by-step, day-to-day course, or those who like to follow a simple but detailed process, they’ve got a highly visual online course.

With Bergman’s, you can learn the basic fundamentals.

Discover how to grow with the right techniques and guided on how to avoid the common mistakes everyone makes.

The Bergman’s Lab course takes you from seed to the bud stage with their day by day photos and this helps you compare and grow the right way!

Bergman’s Lab: Learn to grow marijuana

What are the course contents?


Learn the types of marijuana and how do you choose the right strain.

Seed to Bud

Germinating, seedling, flowering, and harvest will be explained step-by-step and you gain thorough knowledge.

Grow skills

Teaches you how to become a growing expert.


Learn about light, temperature, humidity and other essentials.

Plant care

Learn all about the issues that may occur and how to fix them when you grow marijuana.

Cheat sheets

Provides visual aid with the basics, process of growing and harvesting.


A fun way to get acquainted with growing marijuana on a hydroculture. Here roots are placed deeply in water instead of the soil.

Master classes

Shows how to increase your yield. Saves money and gives the best results.

The core module takes you through a 90-day grow giving day by day instructions. It also contains images and all you need is your equipment and some seeds. This course has a proven method uses the first time around and helps you with a solid base to build on.

The core module is designed in a way to introduce you to all these factors which apply to cannabis and get you through a whole growth cycle successfully. If you just go for the core module solely, you miss out on deeper modules and going from beginner to pro.

What are the other courses available?

The Complete Course ($127)

Complete Course

Buy Full Course

The complete course along with the basics introduces you to and gives access to Master Classes to help you learn new methods and tricks. Cheat Sheets help to master everything you’ve studied. In addition, you get ebooks on marijuana testing and edibles recipes.

The Complete Course + Support ($137)

Bergman's Lab Complete Course

Buy Full Course + Support

For an extra $10, you get the Complete Course plus access to a VIP forum. It also includes support from the Bergman’s Lab team which has to grow experts.

Why Choose Bergman’s Lab over other courses?

  • Fool-proof and fail-safe
  • Detailed instructions with day to day photos
  • Ask your own personal grow expert for advice
  • Privacy Guaranteed
  • Latest technology and innovative practices in marijuana growing updated and covered in the courses
  • Get the FREE Harvesting Mini Guide
  • Choose from 3 different courses
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the course, you can email Mr.Robert Bergman personally with why you think it’s not good enough. You will then get a full refund and within 30 days.

  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee
  • No questions asked, a full refund


The course has some really good reviews from its takers. It’s reported to be in-depth with day to day photos so that you will know when you go wrong but we wish the site allows direct feedback so that we can get more realistic views. But the reviews we scouted for online from course takers have mostly been positive.


Bergman’s Lab is a leading source of comprehensive training programs on Marijuana growing to producers and growers for medical and recreational use. Try them and you won’t be disappointed.

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