Latest News – Plenty of CBD As Green Growth Brands To Open CBD Shops In US Malls, Barney’s Also All Set To Add ‘Cannabis Lifestyle Shop’

CBD has been endorsed more and more by customers and Government’s alike, leading to a spike of CBD based-products and shops all over the country. It gets a further boost as the nation’s biggest mall is about to open more than 100 shops selling products infused with CBD.

Simon’s US Mall has entered into a partnership with Ohio-based marijuana bigwig Green Growth Brands. The outcome is a plan for 108 locations which sell CBD products this year at Simon’s U.S. malls, including big names like the ‘The Galleria’ in Houston. The first place where these CBD products will be available is in March at Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis. GGB said this partnership will help it open more shops under its Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy brand for CBD-infused body care. For Simon, it will help fill all empty spaces plaguing is properties and he had been turning to non-retail tenants like apartments and hotels to fill that empty space.

According to the president of Simon Malls, John Rulli, “We are constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge new concepts. We are committed to adding new and dynamic retailers and uses to our shopping destinations, and the GGB shopping experience is exactly the type of innovation our customers want and expect from us.”

Besides Simon Malls, GGB is in talks with five other major real estate developers and plans to have 300 locations open by the end of 2019. This is a major boost for GGB which hopes to raise awareness about the CBD and its benefits at large. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound which does not give you a high like THC, yet had many benefits like calming your nerves, protecting against anxiety and depression, pain relief and so on. With the legalization of CBD in December when President Donald Trump signed the farm bill, CBD is being increasingly accepted.  However, restaurant owners are unable to sell it with their regular fare due to the Food and Drug Administration regulations which prohibit CBD from being added to foods and drinks.

It’s not just Simon Malls, news trickled in that Barney’s the luxury departmental store chain is all set to open its Cannabis Lifestyle Shop in Beverly Hills for starters. Space will sell all things related to CBD including an exclusive vaporizer pen, pastilles etc.

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