Are CBD Vaginal Suppositories Safe

What Are Their Uses?

Updated on September 22, 2023

As well all know by now, CBD is used to cure many conditions like inflammation, insomnia, provide pain relief, and much more. And when it is spoken about so much, it’s not surprising that it can cure period cramps – the nastiest pain of all (don’t we all agree?). CBD brands have come up with this innovative product which is cannabidiol suppositories as a solution to this pain.
What is a CBD Suppository?
We are sure this question must be running in many of your minds. These CBD suppositories are pill-sized and can be inserted into the vagina or rectum to be dissolved. CBD reduces the pain associated with period cramps and provides you with the much-needed relief from this problem which is suffered by millions of women worldwide.

Does CBD really help with Menstrual Cramps?

One of the significant uses of CBD products is pain reduction. Hence it’s only natural to try CBD for menstrual cramps. A lot of research has been going on in the subject but is yet to be recognized fully in any form of medicine.

  • The biggest effect of using CBD is a reduction of inflammation. Any pain or cramps that you experience during your menstrual cycle may be affected because of this phenomenon.
  • Plus, the anti-inflammatory nature of CBD makes them ideal for reducing headaches, nausea, and other normal symptoms connected to your menstrual cycle.
  • However, it is said that products like CBD suppositories have to be backed by data before being touted as pain relievers.

It’s also important for users to know how much CBD is added to each product before using it.

Is it a good idea to use a CBD Vaginal Suppository?

Actually, there’s no solid proof to state that CBD suppositories remove period pain. And inserting stuff into the vaginal area could be harmful sometimes.

There’s always a chance that you could end up with a vaginal infection due to the unpleasant reaction of inserting the suppository.

However, considering the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, physicians are increasingly looking to such suppositories to provide women relief from cramps during those painful days. However, without solid proof-backed research, anyone who uses it could be doing it at their own risk, despite the fact that many users have complained of pain relief.

What are the other uses of CBD Vaginal Suppositories?

The biggest impact is pain relief! It allows women to follow their daily routines, including work, pain-free and there is no reduction in productivity.

Besides this, they can also be used to treat infections in the vaginal area like dryness, fungal infections, and so on. However, it’s important to remember that you should do so only after consulting a medical professional.

Top Sites selling CBD Vaginal Suppositories


CBD suppositories can be used for existing problems to greater effects. People are unable to administer via ingestion or inhalation, or who expect quick relief in menstrual cramps can opt for these suppositories from Endoca.

Pharma Hemp Suppositories

These suppositories allow for greater absorption of hemp CBD than other methods of consumption, but the effects will be felt 10-15 minutes. It will last for 4-8 hours if you have good health. The speed and consistency with which hemp CBD suppositories are absorbed by the body make them a reliable addition to reducing vaginal cramps.


Though not backed by solid research, many users have reported instant relief from menstrual cramps even when other medications do not work. But remember, never, ever do it on your own! Always seek a medical professional’s help before you can opt for this. However, it’s understood that with time, more research-backed proofs will prompt CBD companies to enter the fray of CBD vaginal suppositories.

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