7 Revolutionary CBD Beauty Products

To Add To Your Makeup Bag

Updated on September 22, 2023

CBD-infused oil has made its foray into many areas including health care, pets, and even beauty. The CBD serums are available for acne, fine lines, anti-aging purposes, etc. For the uninitiated, CBD stands for cannabidiol which is derived from the cannabis plant but is devoid of the psychoactive THC. CBD oil is cybotactic in that it inhibits the growth of cells that produce sebum. Thus it is great for acne and oily skin. Plus the presence of antioxidants protects your complexion from elements and makes it glow. CBD happens to be a “potent antioxidant” and is important in the prevention of age-related changes in the skin. No doubt it’s a fast-moving sought-after beauty ingredient among the beauty-conscious. Read on to see some of the top beauty products from CBD.

Vertly – Hemp Bath Salts
Vertly Balm

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Available at Vertly Bomb, $29 Vertly Bath Salts is the dose of wellness you deserve. This is an amazing skincare product formulated with full-spectrum CBD and an amazing combination of natural healing salts and botanical infusions. This signature product from Vertly cures aches and soreness soothes muscles and stimulates circulation. Soothe yourself with the amazing lavender and lemongrass scented bombs and watch your skin glow.

Pure CBD LIP Balm

PureCBD Lip Balm

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Available at CBD for Life, $9.00 This 95% naturally derived lip balm provides radiant shine as well as conditioning for lips. The tinted moisturizing solution transforms gives you amazing moist and full-looking glowing lips. It is great for dry and cracked lips. Made with natural ingredients that rejuvenate sensitive skin and enhance elasticity this gloss makes for the most kissable lips.

Khus + Khus Sen Face Serum

Khus Khus

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Available at Khus Khus, $80 This soothing serum is a mix of CBD oil and other skin-loving ingredients including the antioxidant-packed black currant seed oil to create a relaxing experience and smooth skin. Contains Ruh khus also known as vetiver which is highly valued in India for its aromatic properties. It’s moisturizing…it’s fast-absorbing and also helps with blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines.

Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara

Kush Maskara

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Available at Milk Makeup, $24 The first of its kind mascara, this product from Milk Makeup uses CBD oil to create a creamier texture and for better hydration. It is amazing since it allows a smoother application, helping get major volume and healthier-looking lashes. It’s also vegan as it doesn’t use beeswax, a common binding agent instead opting for CBD.

RxCannaCare Canna Cream

Cream Canna

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Available at RxCannaCare, $150 A slightly expensive cream, it is great to soothe all skin types and provide amazing skin. Made with completely organic and natural ingredients from around the world like Egyptian Lotus, Grapefruit Quench, Lemon Grass etc., it is a cure for all skin problems and a great beauty product.

  • Soothes sensitive and fights eczema and psoriasis
  • Removes acne and reduces scars

Vertly Hemp Infused Body Lotion

Vertly Balm

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Available at Vertly, $55.00 This body lotion, infused with hemp-derived CBDs as well as magnesium, arnica flower, nourishing plant oils, peppermint hydrosols is carefully handcrafted to soothe the skin and body. It is also calming with a refreshing scent of citrus and lavender. The Hemp Extract can soothe the skin and reduce anxiety. Hempseed oil, one of the vital ingredients, is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, increases circulation, and reduces inflammation.

CBD for Life Pure CBD Shampoo and CBD Conditioner

cbd for life

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Available at CBD for Life, $25.00 CBD For Life Shampoo is a blend of the highest quality of CBD, essential oils, and natural botanicals which helps cleanse, restore lost moisture and strengthen hair. Hemp oil is used to stimulate the growth of hair through the scalp’s absorption of the main fatty acids Omega3, Omega6, and Omega9. The shampoo moisturizes your hair preventing fizziness. Ideal for daily use, and is gentle for all hair types, this shampoo is also safe for color-treated hair.

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