5 Ways To Get High On A Minimum Budget

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Updated on September 22, 2023

Who does not like having a good time? After all, life’s meant to be all about pleasure. And when you can get high like a kite, there ain’t a no better feeling. But, it’s important to be frugal, if you need the high to last long! Right from buying on a budget to limiting your use (difficult, we know), there are numerous ways you can get high yet save in the moolah. Follow these five tips and you will thank us later.
5 Ways to Get High even as You Remain Frugal

1. Be smart, use vaporizers

Yes, we’re saying it again! Vaporizers give you the maximum benefits of the THC and what’s more, you can use the leftovers for your edibles the next time. So it’s saving twice the cost. While a vaporizer might seem like an initial investment, in the long run, you get to save a lot. You get a pretty strong head high and it’s said – the effect is thrice as stronger!
Look up YouTube and channel your inner Einstein and hey, you can even make your own vaporizers!

2. Don’t buy…grow it yourself

Buying cannabis from a dealer may be outright expensive! If you live in a state where it’s legal, and if laws allow you to cultivate your own cannabis, go ahead! Cultivating weed is easy with DIYs on the internet and weed seeds available online. Besides you can grow them again and again with just a few seedlings. Saves some big bucks, don’t they? But be sure to invest enough time and effort!

3. Stock up in large numbers

Weed can be stored for a long time, saving you frequent trips to the dealer. This way, you can save up and pay less. Buying in large quantities definitely helps you save those big bucks than periodic buying. This will also ensure you’re not dry and leave you craving for excess binge buying. Remember, self-control is the key, use with discretion and you will end up saving more.

4. Save the remains

Whether you use a vaporizer or smoke a joint, take stock of the remains and store them away in a clean container. They could always be reused as edibles and you could always roll out some extra joints. The key is to gather whatever is left and use them the next time. Also remember, a 4-piece grinder helps get the best out of the stuff when you smoke at home.

5. Opt for a Snap Bowl

For any smoker trying to conserve their weed, snap bowls are a must! It helps save a portion of your stock where a section of the bowl is torched and the greens are left behind. Snap bowls for smoking are effective, powerful, and compact. A great combo!

Other Budget-friendly ways to get high

  • Go for glass blunts
  • Recycle and share
  • Watch out for the THC levels of your strain
  • Making your own devices for smoking

Do you have some great tips? How do you remain high on a budget? Share them with us and we would be happy to let the world know!

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